My Story

Toodles was transferred to SAINTS in 2020, after she was the lone sheep at the Good Shepherd Barn (BCSPCA) in Surrey.

When she arrived, she seemed like your average probably senior sheep. Super nice, and she became good friends with SAINTS' resident, Zuzu.

After a few weeks though, it was evident that there was more than meets the eye when it came to Toodles. After a veterinary exam, it was revealed that she was pregnant.

On a Wintery day, in a comfortable pen set up in our shop area, Toodles gave birth to two little lambs. Two boys, Tommy (RIP) and Lewis (RIP). The three were a family in sanctuary, which is really a very rare experience for any sheep. The boys grew big and seemingly strong and together they all joined our larger sheep family in the barnyard.

Sadly, in July 2020, while undergoing routine medical procedure, Tommy and Lewis both passed away under anesthetic. They did not suffer, and felt no pain. In fact, those boys never felt a moment of sorrow in their short lives. They were loved from the day they were born - by their Mom, our volunteers, and our incredible staff who cared for them daily. Losing them was a devastating blow during an already tough year.

Toodles remains at SAINTS. While it's not really a silver lining to such a profound loss, she will have what many mother sheep don't get to have when their babies are gone - a safe home, tender care by humans, and an extended farm family to bond with.

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