My Story

Wren, the Lionhead bunny, was transferred to SAINTS from SARC (name of shelter). She faces a neurological issue that limits mobility in her hind legs. Despite this challenge, Wren is a sweet bunny who enjoys spending time outside and socializing with other rabbits.

SAINTS provides a sanctuary for animals like Wren who may not have adoption opportunities in regular shelters. As a stray, black rabbit with her specific needs, Wren's chances were limited elsewhere. At SAINTS, we gladly welcome her into our family, offering a forever home where she receives comprehensive veterinary care, love, and all the attention she deserves.

Wren's presence enriches our sanctuary, and she thrives in an environment dedicated to her well-being. She enjoys social interactions with her fellow rabbits and continues to enjoy life to the fullest despite her neurological condition. Wren is cherished for her unique spirit and gentle nature at SAINTS.

Every animal, given the right home, could be placed in foster care or adopted. To find out if one of our animals could be a fit for you, please email to start a conversation.