In loving memory of Lucky.
In honour of our dear cat Orion who passed away peacefully in our arms at home at the age of 19 on July 18, 2022. We love you Orion.
Dr. Cindy Duff
Thank you for being there for us when Hugo needed you most. Your kindness and compassion will never be forgotten.
Dr. Dax Atkinson
Thank you for the immense care and consideration you showed while caring for Hugo over the past two years. Your kindness will always be remembered.
For Kobi who passed at age 14. Forever a puppy ❤️
In loving memory of Jett ❤️
Dad - Hardial S. Kler
Happy Birthday Dad - you taught us to prioritize animals and the natural world
In honour of Layla, a beautiful and sweet German Shepherd who passed away on February 19th. She was loved and cherished each and every day by her humans, Peter…
In Loving Memory of Hercules McFadden
In Memory of Hercules McFadden - the biggest little personality tightly packed into a bundle of love. Gramma and Grampa will miss you much.
In memory of the sweetest, floppiest, chonkiest, smelliest most dramatic and spoiled hound dog there ever was. We’ll miss you forever. Thank you for bringing…
Please use this donation to your newest Saint Toby. We wish you all the happiness a little doggy deserves. In memory of our beloved Tia. We were blessed to…
Horatio Woo
Loyal companion and best friend to Steven. We will always love you Horatio ❤️