Rescue Journal

Self serve sushi is not allowed at SAINTS

Alison  ·  Aug. 6, 2006

Tyra caught a little six inch trout in our pond tonight. Sadly she had already eaten the head off before i discovered what she had. I did explain to her that saintly creatures do not eat other sainted creatures who were minding their own business swimmimg in our little safe and supposedly protected pond. She just ate the fish faster to get rid of the evidence of any possible wrong doing. Or, maybe the fact that she was surrounded by Cole, Andy, Bill and me made her worry that someone might actually try to steal her fish. I wasn't thinking of doing that, but maybe the others were. Each run out on the fields is an adventure. Mo and I took a bunch of dogs out this afternoon while we were waiting for the water tanker to arrive (yes, we once again have water!!) Somehow, Ozzie managed to sneak out with us and I didn't notice her til she was wobbling in high speed past us. I decided to let her tag along...big mistake. She managed to fall down in the muck along the shore of the pond and couldn't get up again which meant I had to go and save her. Then she decided that whatever stick Tyra was chasing, she wanted too. This meant watching her fall over several times in pursuit because apparently Ozzie is not aware that she can barely walk, let alone run. She finally found her very own little wooden log to carry around and insisted on carrying it back up the hill and to the house. I think this is why I like disabled dogs, they don't see themselves as disabled, they think they are normal and life is perfectly fine as long as they get what they way or another.



ozzie is getting really bad for wanting whatever Tyra has in her mouth. Unfortunately for her, she can never catch up to Tyra to take anything. At the rate she goes now with terrible hips, I couldn't imagine having to keep up with her when her hips were working properly and her body was in better condition.