Rescue Journal

What to write about?

Sheila  ·  Aug. 10, 2006

Nicole emailed me a pass word and user name so I could post. I don't have much interaction with the animals like most everyone else does so I have no cute stories to write. But I could tell cute stories about Carol. I could call the category "What to do about Carol". She thinks the animals do such highly amusing things - I think she's got them beat.



i am not saintly, shudder... i am the pooper scooper...lot's more fun and freedom in that!!


It's okay Carol we'll still love you. In fact it'll probably make you seem more Saintly!!!!!!!!!

Judy B

Sheila & Carol - let's take a vote on who wants to hear about funny "Carol" stories... I vote yes.


Okay - I'll be good. I'll let you take away all my fun. I'll tell stories about Luka Duka instead.


lol, you wouldn't dare...i am trying to hide my idiocy from the rest of the world, you are just in a unique position to occasionally witness it!