Rescue Journal

Dazed yet patient...

Julie  ·  Aug. 14, 2006

Sitting here in a valerian induced daze, when you have a headache can cause neat thoughts to be born. But this is about Carol’s children, not valerian, dazes, headaches or anything being born thank you very much!

I have learned that Carol’s children teach you patience among other things. It’s like taking care of 50 some odd 2 and 3 year olds, some potty trained some not. Ok 2 and 3 year olds are pretty odd anyway… much like the children they do occasionally tend to bark, meow and make other strange squeally noises. They do have accidents in their pants.. wait Carol’s children don’t wear pants. Maybe they should! No that would mean more laundry.. forget the pants. Where was I? Pants! No wait, not pants. We decided against the pants. Ah food! Yes eating! They also eat like 2 and 3 year olds, most of it gets in the mouth. Some one the floor. And my nephew, who is 2 ½, has been found playing sand in the litter box so I suppose that counts for the dogs that hunt for tootsie rolls. And which little kid can possibly pass up a mud puddle? Not Carol’s! they may dance around it, or dive right in! Spaloosh! Then there is the whole sea of mud on the floor, little footy prints on the beds, the mommy my toy is under the bed! Well why did you put it there? We were playing hide and seek!

Some still need to learn the art of sharing as every little child must. Some share everything willingly, some get miffed if you are breathing in their space.

They may take up all sorts of space, create more laundry than any person should have to do, make lovely seas and islands in the middle of the floor… but! They do teach you patience when they sit there with that don’t you just love me to bits look! Yes defiantly patient… now where did we put the mop.



i think rescue began upon finding them flying their pet turtle through the air in a plastic tonka sea-plane. poor thing, turtles are ground creatures! Hi's the old horse???


When I first met Carol twenty-something years ago, her REAL HUMAN children had just flushed their goldfish down the toilet...could this be where her need to rescue came from?????


The children liked you to Lisa!
Well i'm glad my random thoughts were of use! Look out Carol's got an idea!!


lol...i most certainly did not give birth to copper or ed, you can give credit for those two, elsewhere. as to learning patience around here, do we really learn it or is it thrust upon us because we have no choice. ha ha your post brought to mind the next thing i wanted to write about. thx!


Ah yes! And well do I remember my few happy days spent helping with the children. Catching one's breath for a minute on the sofa to be submerged in a little heap of love sponges.... Such good work is done here and the children know and appreciate it all! Now, about those pants? Hugs, Lisa