Rescue Journal

Spritely would like her own ensuite....

Jean  ·  Aug. 16, 2006

....then maybe she'd stop pooping in her feed bucket.

We installed the feedbuckets at waist height in the corner of the stalls a few weeks back. The other day, Mo complained that Spritely was using hers as a commode. Carol and I gave her a hard time, because Spritely only seems to do this when Mo is coming to do the barns.

So today I go in to do the barns......and find one VERY full red feedbucket in Spritely's stall.....very full of horse poop, that is. Seems it might be MY waist height but it's Spritely's end height.

Spritely, my girl, you are NOT getting a private ensuite in which to do your business. But you just might lose that feedbucket in the corner of your stall!



Yea isn't that fun to clean... I think she probably backs up against it to scratch her ass... and that stimulates her... ummm ... urges. I say we take it out & go back to feeding her from the old feeders...we install some sort of butt scratcher & see if there is always a pile of poop under it... : - )