Rescue Journal

Chris' day at SAINTS

 ·  Aug. 18, 2006

I pulled into the drive on Tuesday morning to the wonderful music of all the dogs at Saints. I was greeted by Frodo with a big welcome hug and a cuddle.
One of the volunteers let me in the gate and directed me to the barn where Carol was working. I have been reading about the Saints for years and finally decided I absolutely had to visit! :-)
I chatted with Carol while she finished the barn chores and then we went on the tour. I met all the wonderful old souls that I already felt that I knew - and each and every one of them was just as I pictured them. Saints itself was beyond anything I could have imagined. Full of peace and tranquility. I could have sat for days watching them and hugging them.

After the tour of the house and the introductions to all of the residents we headed to the lower field and the infamous pond with some of the dogs. The picture in the blog of Ozzie and I was only the beginning. By the time we were both out I was covered in mud from my shoulders to my toes. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun!! Although now that I think about it I wonder if Ozzie wasn’t in cahoots with Carol and Nicole to see just what this city girl was made of! LOL Being an avid reader of Carol’s stories over the years I had the foresight to bring not one, but 3 changes of clothes - and I happily used them all! :-)

So off we went to sit with the dogs and I dried out while Carol and Nicole cleaned up poor Ozzie. Which was quite a feat because the well had run dry that morning! Moses and I sat together watching the goings on. What a sweetheart he is!!

We spent a wonderful day just hanging with the animals and sharing our grilled cheese sandwiches with them all. I think the reason that Saul chews on the house is its the perfect size of chew toy for him. That dog is huge! After the trip to the vets Copper came to sit in my lap. He’s a squirmy little guy, but I think he squirmed to make me laugh so my tonsils would be fair game for him. I managed to keep my laughing mouth just out of reach of this tongue!

After dinner when it was time to put the barn to bed I waited with the dogs on the other side of the fence. They knew they were going for their evening walk and they all lined up watching her through the fence wiggling in circles with excitement and anticipation. Just then Cole looked over at me with his beautiful blue eyes and met mine. He came over to me through the others, looking up at me, and then did this excited little hippity hop dance at my feet, with pure joy on his face, telling me “We’re going for a WALK!!!†I will never forget that. :-)

After everyone was taken care of for the night, Carol made tea and we sat inside with them. I had Peter and Pops in my lap and Ogidie on the back of the couch at my shoulder. Cedric and Pippa were at my feet with Pippa doing head bobs not wanting to give in to sleep as she might miss something. Romeo and Beaver stopped by for some pets too. The fruit loop boys were back and forth and even Dixie Chick came in to see who was there even though she didn’t venture too closely to the newcomer.

I will never forget meeting them all… Bill with his perpetual smile and cartoon feet, Jazz the happy helper, Tally with his seal bark, Honey the quiet one, Peter with his bandana and bowlegs who made the cutest noises as he sat with me, Jack the cutie, Pippa (aka Phyllis Diller), Daisy with her happy face and tilted head, Cedric with his teeth chattering when he got excited, Pops with his drool, Copper with his innocent face, Tyra who could fetch a stick like nobody’s business, Cole with his quiet dignity, Andy who stood up at my lap for a piece of sandwich, Rocky who exudes good cheer, Sissy and Buddy, and sweet Wilbur, beautiful Michael, Saul the strong silent type, Moses who if I had had a big enough purse I would have tried to smuggle him home, Lexie the perfect lady, and everyone else - and of course the cats. And lets not forget Potato Ed, who is blind, really did manage to jump out the window and come around to join in the fun.

Nicole it was wonderful to meet you and don’t worry about calling me Jill. :-)
Thankyou Carol for a wonderful day that I will never forget. I wish I lived closer, but will definitely look forward to my next trip to SAINTS. :-)



Hi Jean
Yes, next time for sure we'll have to get together! Thanks so much for the inside information on what the Saints like!


Hi Chris - I'm so sorry I didn't make it over to meet you and join in the fun. I seem to spend half my life at Saints, and then miss getting over there for one day and lose out on seeing Ozzie, Nicole and Chris in the mud! I'm so glad you had a great time - it's such a fabulous place with fabulous animals. What's the line from that old recruiting ad?: "There's no life like it!"
Hope to see you next time!


Hi Sheila
They were just little smiley's. But you just reminded me that I do have some pictures to go through...


The pictures aren't showing?? I tried copying the properties into the address area and presses enter and that didn't work either.


it was a great day chris, made that much better with a new friend to share it with, the animals LOVED you and you are welcome here as often as you can come.