Rescue Journal

That Bucking Beagle!

Jean  ·  Aug. 19, 2006

Well...Carol suggested the title....

Today I was taking Copper down to the lower meadow so he would quit woodelling long enough for me to do a few chores without getting a migraine. Copper is one of the few dogs at Saints who is not allowed off leash in the meadow - he has managed to find his way through the fence somewhere, and is the world's most incorrigible runaway. He would love to be able to run free, and we would love to accomodate him.

So today, we're out by the barn heading to the meadow and I stop to speak to Carol who is unloading bales of hay from her van. Carol has the brilliant idea of putting a "cone" on Copper's head so he will be able to run free yet be too wide to fit through the holes he has located in the wire fence. She just happened to have one in the van so it was fait accompli - Copper in a Cone.

Well, Copper was Copper.....actually he deserved an Oscar for best comedic actor. First he just sat there, ears askew in the cone, tongue hanging out, eyes sparkling, big if to say..."Oh, is this a new game? Now what? Huh, huh, huh????" And he sat there, and sat there....looking at us with that goofy grin. So I started to run and call him and he moved - sort of - the first step made the bottom of the cone hit the dirt, and dear funny Copper went into a full-fledged impression of one of those mechanical bulls. Unlike most dogs who will rub it along the ground or walk around going bonk-hop-bonk-hop-bonk, Copper had one of two strategies - either buck around in the hopes that it just might come off, or sit completely still and look happy and wait to see how the game works. Walking, running free, or doing any normal doggy things that dogs do with cones on their heads, was not part of his plan.

He gave us a good laugh....and finally got what he wanted in the first place which was a walk in the meadow on the flexi-leash, sans cone.

But I'm plotting.....I brought the thing home and I'm waiting for a moment of inspiration to figure out how to make a flat wide clown collar (Carol wants me to make it like a daisy!) that will stand out from his neck without blocking his vision or interfering with his forward motion. Accomodation is the name of the game, Copper. We'll accomodate your need for freedom if you'll agree to look like a daisy.

And if you still manage to escape from the meadow and send me wandering all over the neighbourhood looking for you, we'll be changing the first B in the title to another letter.



wait til you see the pictures of copper the little walking daisy, (the little bugger was still trying to push himself through the fence!) those will give you another chuckle, we are waiting for nicole to get home and post them!


:)) Thank you Carol and Jean, and especially Copper for giving me a much overdue LOL moment! Your antics and silly accounts keep me laughing, not that my "kids" don't keep me smiling with their funny moments!


A NUN?????? Copper as a NUN?????? Oh that is too funny for words! Talk about incongruence!
Okay...I'll have to have a look at the flying nun movie again - I'm sure Copper can be a flying nun if he wants to be. Anything is possible at Saints.


oh!!! that is so great, he can have movie themes...please don't eat the daisy's, the tom cruise fighter pilot one, and wagon train!!!...if you have some extra time, can he be the flying nun too? that was my favorite show when i was a kid. he'd look cute as a nun.


Well, the daisy is partially constructed - just need to fasten it together and try it out, with the camera at the ready, of course.
As a backup plan, I have ideas hatching and materials at the ready to turn Copper into either an airplane (a biplane, if he wants!) or a covered wagon. All this thanks to the previous tenant who left a bunch of those snow/water slide board things in the barn.
Oh don't know how much you've already made me laugh today, just thinking about you!


....and if nothing else works we'll put a big ass life jacket on him & if still manages to get off the property...imagine how he'll look trotting along the country road, no water for miles, wearing a life jacket...priceless ... Go Copper !


ha ha...that was funny and the cheerful look on his face was priceless as he pondered his new and interesting dilemna...copper for whatever else he is, is a good sport! and i think he will look adorable as a is right, if he does get loose while dressed up like a daisy, there will be little doubt in any finders mind that this fat little flower actually belongs in someone's garden who loves him. we can write his phone number on one of the petals too.