Rescue Journal

Copper is finally outsmarted!

Jean  ·  Aug. 20, 2006

Copper has always been one smart, sly, sneaky little bugger and gets away with his antics only because of his incredibly good nature, big grin, and totally loving albeit self-centred attitude. There is little that gets by him, however, and he takes great delight in outsmarting the humans that share his home. His greatest delight, of course, is finding ways to escape the property and go off on an adventure on his own. (See Meeting Copper, posted earlier in the blog).

The major problem with keeping Copper confined is that, for a fat little beagle, he seems to be able to squeeze through the smallest of spaces - by sheer will he can widen a 4"square piece of wire fencing into a hole big enough to let his chubby little body through.

So...after a fun adventure with a cone as an attempt to minimize his escapes while still allowing him freedom in the meadow (see That Bucking Beagle), we decided to have a little fun of our own and design a collar that would flumox his attempts at escape. Carol wanted a daisy, so that's what I worked on. And today we tested it out. It still needs a few adjustments - it kept slipping around and then he would trip on it - but here is our newest daisy in the meadow at Saints - or maybe he's our little ray of sunshine. Copper took it all in stride and had a great adventure in the safe confines of the meadow.

Here's Carol and our Copper Daisy:

And Copper checking the fence:

Darn! I'm sure I used to be able to escape here!:

All that exercise makes a dog -er, flower - thirsty:

I wonder if I'm going to be potted?



Awesome work Jean :) I can't wait for the Flying Nun outfit and any others you come up with. Yes, Carol, those pictures had ME woodling!


i like it when we all win, copper got to run free and we got to dress him up like a flower so he wouldn't bugger off...great work jean!!!