Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Aug. 20, 2006

When SAINTS first started, there was me and 30 odd wrecked and sick animals. We had no donor base to pay the vet bills, no shelter to move to, and no volunteers to help us. I had friends that helped me, as they could, and some like Kelly helped alot. But they had their own pots to stir so basically, we were on our own. What I did have was a long history of animal rescue and a reputation for doing it well, it made it easier to get people to look at us seriously. But in terms of concrete resources or assests, or partners to move SAINTS forward, the answer was nil. And then came Patty, this was a lady in Florida who was offering free websites, up to five pages, to rescue groups. I sent her an email, and she agreed to help. Except knowing nothing about websites, I knew nothing about pages, I thought a page ran on til it ran out, and then you started another. So i sent Patty all the info on SAINTS and all the bio's on the animals and she built a site...seventy-nine wages worth. Then she found a service provider and paid for the hosting, all with no charge to me or SAINTS. Patty had fallen in love with the animals from 3000 miles away and we became good friends thru them. Following Patty came Julie, Mo, Kathy, Sheila, Leila, Jean, Nicole, and Eva, plus all our SAINTS family friends and supporters...all of them brought something of unique value to SAINTS. When Nicole wanted to build a new site, I wanted her to be able to do that, Nicole loves these animals as much as I do, she probably loves Ozzie and Honey even more, I can see the special bond they share. I love the new site and I love the first site and now we have two sites that I love. How cool is that? SAINTS is growing, with each new person and each new gift that they share. Maybe we will someday have ten sites, if they are built with love for the animals, I don't care. Maybe someday we will have 10 handymen, or pooper scoopers, or cuddlers, or gardeners, or dog walkers too...that would be really nice. But these first two years of operation, have brought more kindness, and more generosity and selflessness of spirit, and more acts of faith and hope than I have witnessed in my lifetime. And all of it because of the animals, they are the bridge that bring us all together. Every single one of us, gives what we have because these animals have touched our souls. We are blessed by the crippled crew..



lol...i had no choice...i couldn't get out of rescue because i could never find a home that would keep copper for more than a year. i had to stay in rescue to take him back when he wore out his welcomes everywhere else. and he was ruining my stats, i have had 9 dog returns over the years, 6 of them were copper! is all the little buggers fault, you can thank him..... while i think of new ways to get even. the daisy is just the beginning.


We are indeed blessed...I can't begin to express how much joy and laughter I have received from our motley crew of leakers and poopers and deaf and blind and drooly and arthritic critters.
But none of it would have happened without the very special person who started it all and has the fortitude and wisdom and patience and love to keep it all going, and who can come home at the end of a 12 hour shift of paid work and still deal with the poopers and leakers and the well going dry and yet another critter needing a home and a thousand other mini-crises. Thanks, Carol.