Rescue Journal

Miss Mellie sees the vet

Alison  ·  Aug. 21, 2006

Two large mammory tumours, a mouthful of rotten teeth, a minor heart murmur, and several nails curled under into the pads of her feet. If her bloodwork comes back ok we will book her in for spay, dental, and one side mammory removal surgery next week, the other side will have to be done after the first side heals, they can't do it all at once because they need to close her up again and need tissue close enough to suture.

She has an old, faded and unreadable breeder tattoo on her belly, just as well. i don't think very high thoughts on the choice of her first home that led to a series of more. oh...and Mellie is in heat...Saul knew she was interesting the second she came through the gate. The vet feels she is older than 8 or 9, does anyone know when she would naturally stop going into heat since she would be younger than that.

We stopped at Jean's to say hello, and she had her picture taken so Jean will post it when she can. Mellie was good as gold today.



Mellie's picture can now been seen on the Saints' dog page:
Isn't she adorable?????


her bloodwork came back fine except for an elevated WBC(probably dental abcesses) she is on antibiotics for a week and then the first of two surgeries.


Rae, Mellie was formerly called MeiMei and is a senior pom, very small, round and fluffy. In an earlier post on the blog, Carol describes her as the "cutest little cross between a fuzzy egg and a chipmunk" - and that about captures it perfectly!
If you scroll down to Saints welcomes Meimei, you'll find her story. When Nicole gets back, we'll get her posted in the dog profile part of the website.


Can you tell us what Miss Mellie looks like? What kind of dog, big, small fluffy etc. I would love to hear about her!


Sorry about the lack of photos, Carol. I tried to upload directly from my computer, and I even opened a Photobucket account and tried uploading from there, but to no avail. Mellie shall have to remain faceless to the internet world until someone more techno-savvy than I comes along or until Nicole returns to the virtual world on Wednesday.