Rescue Journal

no longer sure I am really ok in the world!!!!

Alison  ·  Aug. 21, 2006

I think I might have lost Copper, I am not really sure, but I think I did. He is not lost now, he is asleep on the couch. But I think he might have been lost earlier and i didn't notice. I am not actually sure how long he might have been lost for either, but it might have been over night, or maybe he really wasn't lost at all...the problem is I don't know.

Yesterday is a bit of a blur because i didn't sleep and i was distracted with several sets of visitors and the newly arriving dog, by evening, I was half dead. I remember tormenting him with the daisy hat so I know where he was then, I just can't rermember anything else that was special or different with him interacting with me after that. So why am I freaking out? Because he was in the back yard this morning when i came back from running the dogs. I know Copper really well, if he had just slipped thru the gate in the rush of bodies when I was letting the dogs out today, he would have been out of that yard and gone in a minute. I would not have seen him again for an hour or two at the least. So if I just caught him in the yard upon our return, it meant he had already been out and about and had decided to come home as his walk-a-bout was done. So when did he get loose? I asked Julie if she saw him this morning when she got here at 10 am...nope. I can't honestly say that I saw him either, but that is normal because he frequently sleeps in til noon if he can and I went into the dog area through the yard to get the dogs for their run, not through the house. My gut says that little bugger was loose since last night when the last visitor left and I didn't notice, my mind says there is no way I wouldn't notice if that little chaos maker was missing. I SUCK at animal rescue and that bloody beagle gives me a headache, even when i am not sure I deserve one. Jean!!! Copper needs a cow bell so i can hear him and know where he is.



Since I don't have to live with Copper, I'll I can say is "Go Copper Go".


Well, there goes my theory that he's slowing down.... but if he was at Eva's, maybe he was going to cut through her yard to come visit ME!
My Charley got out tonight - through the barn and into the pasture to visit Martin the alpaca. Wouldn't I have had a surprise if she'd come back with Copper in tow??!!!


Well, one question answered...yes the fat little toad can still fit thru the backyard fence..he's hot again, too many recent successful escapes...he zipped out on me tonight, I forget how fast he is when he is on a roll, i was trying to keep ed from slipping by...I caught up to him by Eva's and we made quite a sight as we came home...Copper on a horse lead, leading the way, Frodo draped across my shoulders because apparently, a cat going for an uninvited walk means one gets carried there and back and Andy the snoop (who would not stay inside the pasture if I was going up the road,) tagging along at my heels. That dog just has to play follow the leader. Copper from now on can sit on a tie down and wait there til we come back from the fields.... sigh, I wish it was legal to stick him to a ball and chain or a boat anchor, I bet that would slow him down. Anyway, I have decided he was NOT loose all night, he would have been at the gate screaming his head off, (that's what he does when he wants back in) he can't handle being away from the food bowl for more than an hour or two. He must have snuck out when I first went to the barn to give Gideon his breakfast and I have no idea why I didn't see him, but then Copper is smarter than me so he found a way.
And I will try to get more sleep, I gotta quit using daytime sleeping time as a way to get more hours packed into a day. That maybe isn't one of my brighter ideas.


If Copper did have an overnight jaunt... the good thing is he came back on his own. Although he loves his freedoom, and unlimited space to do his woodling his love for you is stronger(and his love for your food). What's that saying ---- happens especially when you are lacking sleep!!!!!


I agree with Chris.

Copper was safe in the dog room after our daisy outing yesterday. I've noticed lately he has been quieter, quicker to settle down once he has a little outing, and seems to tire (or at least be satisfied with less exercise) a little sooner. Maybe, like the rest of us, he's getting older and feeling it. Or maybe he's finally learning that the whole world doesn't revolve around him (Ha! Fat chance!).

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that he is safe now -and that's what counts. To put your mind at rest, let's just implement a simple "nose count" after every outing so we can make sure no dog slips out unnoticed and no dog gets left in the meadow.

Maybe it's time to show Copper the way to my place and test him out in my yard....then, at least if he escapes, there's a chance he might waddle his sweet self over here.