Rescue Journal

Drowning in a shrinking puddle of resources

Alison  ·  Aug. 22, 2006

Today i am so overwhelmed, I feel the tears hovering on the wings, waiting for one more thing, or even one kind word, to overflow. This might be a good thing since water is in such short supply. And it is the lack of water that is bringing me close to the edge. Ripples in our shrinking pond. Summers are traditionally dry, they are dry of donations and they are dry of rain. The lack of rain and the resulting ripples are making the lack of donations an even greater issue. All of our money is going into the empty well or into hay for the barn. The lack of water has dried out the fields and the grass has died and the field animals still have to eat. They are eating alot of hay. The vets aren't getting paid right now because we have to buy water and hay, they haven't complained but it just adds another guilty worry on top of all the other worries around here.The well is dry again today and the water truck cannot come until tomorrow. We are doing everything we can to conserve our water. Vounteers are taking laundry home, We are recycling floor washing water to clean off the outside cement, i am confining myself to 2 measely showers a week and working every shift I can grab to bring in extra cash. None of it t is working because it just won't rain. Sometimes in order to keep going, and to not get too down, I focus on petty things. Sometimes the petty things can actually be fixed. My petty thing for this week has been dustpans, trying to find them to buy without a broom attached. Good luck. I have been to every store in Mission, and there is not a single, on it's own dustpan to be had. I am not wasting money by buying more brooms either, we have enough of those. So if it would please just rain, or if I could just find a couple of dustpans, we might be able to survive a little bit longer, without me filling the well with tears.



No thanks. lol
Donating money is waaaay easier.
Please let me know if we can help again in the future.


bailey was a beautiful dog, i am so glad you found her such a wonderful home to finish her about instead of a donation, you find a good home for ed????(jackie was here today, and ed pulled the phony, but looks real, chainsaw massacre routine with daisy, that dog is a pain.)


I think, if you've got it, share it.
All our bills are paid, and you aren't the boss of me :P
When you were able, and we had nothing, you helped me with a very special dog. I never forgot your kindness Carol, and your pure love for the animals.
Now I am in a position to help the many special souls that you have.
I'll be calling the vets in the morning.
Thank you for continuing on, even through the bleakest days. I know how draining and hard it is at times. I also know the eyes of those animals will keep you going no matter what.
Your heart is all about them Carol, you do this for all the right reasons, and I am happy to help out.


Not to be a party pooper but if anyone does send a payment directly to the vets -please also get a copy of the payment from the vets office (with your name and SAINTS name on the payment) so that we have an audit trail for the tax receipt. Thanks Sheila


Eastridge Animal Hospital (604) 463-2500
Hill'n Dale Animal Hospital (604) 826-7443 or


hi kelly...for you have your own vet bills to cover.
for others who don't have rescued animals and would like to help, we use hillndale vet clinic in mission, and eastridge animal hospital in maple ridge. make sure you send us an email so we know to send a tax receipt and a thank you.
(don't even think of it kelly we are not taking from rescued peter to pay for rescued paul, that would put me right over the edge.)but thanks for wanting to help, that means alot too.


Could someone post which vets Saints uses that have an outstanding balance?



is your new house on a well? cuz i just jinx'd jean;s well by going over there for dinner, gawd knows what would have happened if i had tried to have a shower.

Chris Thomas

Environment Canada says there is a 30% chance of rain tomorrow. Hopefully it is the good 30% and it will come. The rains will be here soon and we will all be complaining them. And next year, with a little luck, you will be able to come to our house to shower!!!


Oh shoot. I saw a dustpan in the thrift store just last week...contemplated buying it for my barn...didn't even think of getting it for Saints. Duh!
It's cloudy today. It "might" rain. My house is just around the corner and I won't charge you for the shower (and if I run out of water, my landlord will refill my well!). I have lots of grass in my fields if we can truck some sheep over here. Things WILL work out, and until they do we'll deal with whatever comes our way. Together we (you, me, the other volunteers and all the critters) can handle it - with a little help from our donors.
But if you still feel like crying, make sure you let the tears fall into a bucket so they don't go to waste.