Rescue Journal

ratz, the tears have started.

Alison  ·  Aug. 22, 2006

The washer died, not that it is a big deal since we don't have water to use it anyway, but it bugged me. Everything is electronic, even the door, so i can't get the door open to dry that last load that we did before the water ran out. I tested the kettle out in the same plug and it didn't work either, this meant it was the outlet that was blown and not the machine, this is good. i go looking for a 3-prong extension cord so I can plug the machine in and open the door. We don't have one but i know I can get one in town, so off I go. i came home to 2 brand new dustpans, tied with purple ribbon and a note that says dinner is at 6. THAT made me cry.



I can have a darn sponge bath here, using bottled water - blech. I think I should see this as an opportunity to get back to the gym or the pool - there are showers there and no shortage of water.

Hopefully when I get home from work tomorrow the well will be temporarily full again....but I've been warned it could be Saturday before they get to me. Somehow I think even my critters won't want to be near me by then. Ah well, such is the price we pay for living in this beautiful, beautiful area.


wow...jean's well is reaaaaally empty...i looked down it, it is almost bone dry. the water truck came today so the saints well is temporarily full again...i did offer jean the opportunity to shower here, but considering how dry the wells in the neighborhood are getting, i think i will change that offer to a sponge bath.


"...dustpans, purple ribbon, and dinner at 6..." Carol, that made me cry for you! (note to self, bring water next time)


Just make sure you bottle those damn tears - 'cause now my well is dry, too. Any one out there experienced with doing a rain dance ???