Rescue Journal

Moments from today

Alison  ·  Aug. 23, 2006

I saw a lady today in my travels, walking her 2 dogs. As I drove by I saw her yarding away on their choke chains to get them to sit. How hard is it for humans to imagine what a choke chain encircling a throat might feel like if someone was yanking away on it?

My gift to the saints when they pass is their windchimes. Sometimes someone asks if they can bring one for one of the animals that they shared a special bond with, and that is ok too. But mostly, they come from me. I also commissioned the windchime tree from a local iron worker/artist. as part of my personal gift to them. I love the design, it is flexible and all it takes is a fingers touch to make the chimes sing. I noticed tonight that the tree is getting full. I guess I will have to ask him to make another. I didn't think it would fill up so fast.

I messed up the barn guys routine. I went out to quickly clean the barn after work, but it was too early to feed them and bring them in. They could not believe I actually came back out and shut the door on them without letting them in. Gideon, was not going to let me get away with it, he decided to stalk me. He started following me about 4 inches back. i stopped and said "no it is not time yet" and kept on walking He continued to follow me for several more steps. I stopped again and said "quit following me" he looked away and when I started to move again so did he. I walked all the way down the pasture to the bottom gate and back up along the fence back up to the barn. Gideon stopped and looked away whenever I turned around and told him to go find something else to do and then followed me some more when I quit looking at him. That horse can "heel" better than any dog here.

Mellie is having trouble finding a playmate. She has tried Cedric, Jack, Peter and Wilbur. They are all too old or sick to play. They want laps, or treats or cuddles, but playing with Mellie is not on their list of priorities. Jean and I are wondering if Jean's Charlie will play with Mellie. We might just try her over there to see.

I had a call from a woman today looking for a rabbit. She said they have a nice hutch out in their shed. I explained to her that our rabbits do not live in hutches in sheds. She asked why not? I said they would not like it, they needed light, and space and variety and company, a cage in a shed wouldn't provide any of the above. She said that was ok, she saw some for sale down in the petstore.



I came home from work tonight to find the water truck had been here during my, based on Carol's experience I had a look in my well.....1000 gals either disappears fast or isn't very much - the well is only about 2/3 full or maybe less (depth perception in a dark well isn't my strongest suit!).

But at least I have water for a few days - I hope. Now, if only Saints and I could work it that we don't both run dry at the same time....or maybe we should, and get the water haulers to give us a discount for two deliveries on one run.


Yikes, the guy who came the 1st time mentioned that this is often the case when the well goes dry. Come on Rae, work that Rain Prayer, I'm dancing around the livingroom in my own version of a rain dance, so perhaps with the 2 of us, we'll get a good long downpour.


Ten feet? That does not bode well. Given how long I have to wait for water, sounds like it would be a good idea to check the depth daily and call them when the well is half empty (or half full, if you're an optimist!).
I wonder if the work that's being done this week to reopen the school next door has any effect on your water table - presumably they are getting all the plumbing up and running.
Or maybe some of the miscreants at Saints are sneaking down there in the middle of the night for a big, long slurp!


and i did not mention that i have just discovered that we are getting ripped off!!!! i filled the barn water buckets, flushed the toilet once and did 2 loads of stinky laundry.... i went and crawled around down in the hole to look down the well again cuz I was curious as to how much it went down from that little bit of use. I know how much went in cuz I watched and told him to turn it off a foot from the top.
I did not use 10 feet of water tonight. mother earth is taking back her own. couldn't she just wait til mid -september?


And you forgot to mention that the donkeys were so pissed off at the change in routine that we could hear them braying all the way over at my house!!! Silly donkeys!