Rescue Journal

Watching old friends get even older.

Alison  ·  Aug. 23, 2006

I think Peter and Cedric are going to be the next ones to leave us. Their crappy little hearts are getting crappier every day. They can't even keep themselves warm on an August morning with the fireplace blazing away. I just wrapped their shivering little bodies in afgans to help them stay warm. They both whistle and wheeze as they follow me around to get some of my toast, The cardiac meds will not keep their hearts functioning for too much longer. Dogs have 2 hearts inside them, the physical heart that craps out when they get too old, and their invisible heart which just gets bigger and stronger as the rest of them fades away. i think people have 2 hearts too, but both of ours somehow fade away together when we get old. Maybe that is because when a human gets old, they get lost in busy families, but the SAINTS dogs get wrapped in afgans and fed toast in front of the fire.



I think our hearts would grow if we only allowed them to do so...instead we encase them in armour or prickles so they won't get hurt, and in doing so we close ourselves off to so much and deny others the gift of our love. Yes, we have much to learn from aging critters.

Rae, keep it up - it isn't raining yet but is definitely cooler and damper and "feels" like we just might get some showers. A torrential downpour would be even better!


Give Cedric and Peter gentle loves from me Carol. I think what you say about hearts is so true. As adults/humans we get so busy and forget to stop and appreciate the simple aspects of our lives like warm fireplaces and big ice cream cones. Maybe we should observe our animal friends and follow by example. Life would be much simpler then!!!!!

P.S I prayed for water last night and it rained here what about there?