Rescue Journal

Don't look!

Alison  ·  Aug. 24, 2006

This is my new mantra, I am no longer looking at pictures or into the eyes of old homeless dogs. The last one I looked at just arrived, and I am in love. My weak spot is their faces, they have the most incredible faces, full of wisdom, hope and the remaining traces of goofy, youthful optimism. Dogs have the most beautiful faces, they wear their souls out front for all to see. SAINTS welcomes Phil, he is the very last dog that will come thru our gate for some time to come. We are beyond full, and it was a stretch making him fit. But some dogs are just so nice and so kind and so accomodating, they can fit in a shared space (unlike Ed who needs a whole world (or a home) unto himself) Phil has a face as moving as Bill or Luke's. He slobbers as much as Tally and Saul, and his lips are as soft to kiss as Jazz's. He has a spirit as forgiving and kind as Moses's. Phil is a saint, he is one amongst many and yet his light shines thru for all to see. Welcome new friend. Thank you Rae, he is a gift.



Thank you so much for making room for my sweet Phillip carol. He is a true gem and literally stole a part of my heart. It was very hard to say goodbye I nearly failed Fostering 101. He is so kind hearted and gentle. I know Saints is the place for him to be and Carol will work her magic to make his pain go away. We will be down to visit soon and bring lots of treats for all the doggies and human Saints as well.


Ohhhhhh welcome Phil...I can't wait to meet you!! I think Charley and I just may have to wander over there tonight....Boxer faces are just THE best, most lovable faces!


Can i trade my cousin Phil in for your Phil there Carol? He sounds decidedly more human than my cousin. :)


Well welcome St. Phillip. May you find SAINTS as wondorous as Carol already finds you. Hopefully, I'll get to meet you. If I could quit taking in fosters, maybe I could make it out to SAINTS more often.