Rescue Journal

While Carol's away.....

Jean  ·  Aug. 24, 2006

...the critters will play. I went over to Saints this evening while Carol's at work. I know she has been home during the day, and obviously someone had been there scooping poop from the dog yards, but you'd think those critters hadn't seen a human all day long. Between the dogs yodelling and woodelling and baying, and the donkeys braying (that Jenny has one heck of a set of lungs on her!) and the sheep baaaaaing, and the roosters time I'm taking earplugs!

The barn animals were obviously indignent that it was 7:30 and they hadn't been fed and tucked in the barn for the night. I took my dog Charley and Saint Copper to the lower meadow (Copper wearing his new and improved daisy collar), and the moment we set foot in the pasture all the barnyard animals came rushing to greet me with tales of woe about their neglect, their starvation, their absolute pitiful situation....and when they saw I was going right PAST the barn door, those donkeys must have been heard all the way west to Vancouver and east to Hope.

I took a moment to say hi to Phil and to try to capture his sweet face on camera....he was more interested in checking out my poor Charley's hind quarters (and even her belly - don't know WHAT he thought he'd find down there!). I put Charley back in the car since she was none too thrilled with Phil but still couldn't get Phil to lift his face to me - the ground was apparently of greater interest even than cookies.

Eventually I got a couple of pictures of Phil and some great new ones of Copper....oh, Nicooollllle...... (waves frantically for help posting them.....)

Thanks Nicole.... so here's Phil:

And here's another:

And one of Copper in his modified daisy collar, happy and tired from a run in the meadow:



So write out the feed instructions for me, because my brain cells don't remember, and then I can put the barn animals to bed when you work that shift.

I thought about running the dogs, but I don't know if they would all come back for me like they do for you, and I had visions of chasing around the meadow with an armful of leashes trying to catch up to several happy, muddy dogs who run into the pond every time I get close. Of course, some of the old ones would get stuck in the mud and that would make them easier to catch, wouldn't it?


they weren't playing by the time i got home...they were pissed. i got home an hour late and OMG you would think that they are the official SAINTS timekeepers or something. The donkeys were hysterical, i am sure the neighbors all loved listening to them at 10 pm. the horses and the sheep just about ran me over to get into their stalls first. and carl stood in the open barn door alarming over and over just so i would know that while i was goofing off somewhere, he was taking his guarding job seriously. back in the house, the house, the floor were awash with "we-could-not-hold-it-any-longer" and the big guys were choked they missed their evening run...i cannot run blind, deaf, mostly black dogs safely in the dark. the only truly happy little twit was mellie, who got a few minutes to taunt and coquettishly entice phil, trying to pretend she is a real dog and not a furry hamster.
i will say however, that the stars tonight are lovely and that is abpout the only positive thing i can think of right now.


you can send them to me and i can put them up tomorrow. when we are both over there at the same time i will give you a mini tutorial on posting pics.

I'm coming out to pick up Ozzie for the night tomorrow. Woo hoo sleepover! my cats are going to be so thrilled.
I'll take a bunch of pics of Mellie and Phil while i'm there.