Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Aug. 27, 2006

A year ago I wouldn't have dared to touch Boo unless I absolutely had to. Angry cats scare me, Boo scared me more than most. I think she bit me to the bone 3 or 4 time as I tried to change her bedding or slide in fresh food, It all depended on who was faster, her or me. That little declawed witch, sat in her carrier without a door, whacking at me every time I had to go near her. She was like this giant, nasty, icky spider, just waiting to nail me if the opportunity arose. She still whacks and tries to bite me if I try to comb out her snarly, drool mucked up coat. But now she bites me to knock it off, not because she hates me. And she never bites to the bone anymore either, she doesn't even break the skin, just a quick and painless warning to tell me to buzz off quickly. Since her surgery (when I made the vets shave her down while she was under), she isn't mad at me at all. Her mouth is all cleaned up, I am not sure how long it will last, but it is good for now. So now she torments me by sitting in front of the computer screen while I am trying to type. I lift her over onto my lap and she steps back up, I lift her onto the floor, and she jumps back to where she wants to be. I tell her to buzz off and she says "No." She happens to like blocking my view.

I wouldn't say that now Boo is exactly a nice cat, she is strong, independant and not afraid to say "No." We have yet to share a truly warm and fuzzy moment, and the word "sucky" just isn't in her vocabulary. But we have a respectful relationship, and I think that now we are friends. I am not afraid of her anymore, and she no longer hates me. I can scratch her chin and kiss her head and I know she likes it. Her very favorite thing of all is Frsikies canned food, which unfortunately rarely gets donated to homeless cats. I think it was the Friskies that helped Boo see some value in being trapped here. I think it helps alot of unhappy cats that are stuck somewhere they don't want to be.

If anyone really wants to make a difference to a homeless cat, and they can't take one home...donate a case of Friskies to a local animal shelter, there are alot of angry cats who might get less mad if they got something yummy to eat when they are feeling blue. I think it must be a cat comfort food.



Friskies is the cats favorite food and the only thing I buy when I am desparate to get them to eat. Yeah Friskies - crappy food rocks.