Rescue Journal

Choosing the right bed partner(s)....

Alison  ·  Aug. 28, 2006

is a challenge. Last night I chose wrong. I was too tired to round up, circumvent, and protect from falling or being stepped on of all the little guys, so I left them sound asleep in the cat room. As my bedroom was for once now dog free, I decided to invite Phil in for a sleep over. Big mistake, Firstly, he couldn't jump up on the bed so he stood and slobbered on my arm and barked in my face. I was too tired and sore to lift him so I got up, shoved everything out of the way, hauled the little carpet'ed steps over that Pam donated and taught him how to walk up them. He stood at the edge of the bed, peering down at the floor. I decided that if he was going to accidently have an accident during the night, I would prefer that the possible said accident occur on the floor and not on my bed. I got up again, and taught him to walk back down the steps. Finally, I was ready for sleep. But Phil wasn't, he slobbered in my ear, his loose and slippery wet, lips were snuffling around my neck... in desperation, I dived under the pillow. Since I was no longer using it, Phil thought to lay on it, which meant I couldn't breathe. I came out from under the pillow and hid under the quilt. Phil was wondering if i was shy so he dug me out to play. I finally turned my back and ignored him. He proceeded to pant, shaking the bed like an earthquake, and then started giving himself a wash with all the accompanying wet and gross sounding side effects. I gritted my teeth and continued to ignore him. When he was finally finished, he dried his face and head by rubbing it up and down the quilt along my back, with each pass of his cement block head, I was getting pushed closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I did finally manage to sleep, on and off despite his various activities. This morning when the alarm went off, he was sound asleep. I know damn well that the next time I have an opportunity to go to bed, I will not be choosing Phil to join me. Unfortunately Phil now knows I have a bed, and I have steps leading up to my bed, and he is going to want to sleep there again too. Poor choices have the ability to follow you miserably for a long, long time. I hope Phil gets over it quick!



Just don't ask me to foster Phil.....your description of his bedtime antics reminds me a little too much of my ex!!!! LOL


he is alot like cole and francis when they first arrived...little lone rangers making their way thru life the best that they can on thier own. jean is going this afternoon to see if he might fit in with her crew. i don't dare send him into town with a brand new (to us) foster, he might intially be a bit of a puzzle to put together. i don't think he is fully blind tho (i might be wrong), and i think his mobility issues are trauma or neurologically based vs simple arthritis. nice dog, good heart but eyes on the horizon.


atleast he didn't leave you with any presents in the bed!
dare i ask how the shepherdX was.