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SAINTS Top Dog Contest

 ·  Aug. 28, 2006

Sheila and I were discussing the SAINTS dogs and which one we thought would suit the home environment of a potential foster home. We were discussing Moses and Daisy when Sheila said something to the effect of "I heard that Daisy can give what for to the other dogs when she needs to - you know "grrr". I responded with "well as much as the dogs need to learn to live together like Francis did, they still have to live with each other. What happens when all those people have to live together in "America's Next Top Model" - you know "grrr". Well this got us thinking that SAINTS could have a "The Next SAINTS Top Dog" Contest. We could put all of the dogs faces on a page and have people vote to eliminate a dogs (eg. Well Jas should go cause she doesn't know how to share her person - you have to learn to share if your going to get anywhere in this business - just an example Carol not picking on Jas cause it's a dog eat dog world after all and Jaz understands that). We could have a Next SAINTS Top Cat, Next SAINTS Top Bunny, Next SAINTS Top Farm Animal and start all over next season. We have to put these animals on TV.



but why would someone want to say something and then pretend it wasn't them? i don't get it.

Queen of the world

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why? because we are allowed to say mean things about ed but no one else is?...oh!...that is actually true, one better dis our little blind, evil nutbar except us!


Aww you ruined the effect by telling us it was you Carol that wanted to kick off ed. I kind of gasped when I read the comment was anonymous. It was downer finding out it was you. Where's the drama in that.


Ah...Carol, you shouldn't have said anything - now we all know who anonymous is and you are not anonymous any more! And all comments submitted by anonymous will be attributed to you! I could have fun with this - I think I'll post from work and see if it says anonymous - say some outlandish stuff and have everyone think it's you.....I'm so evil...


hey! that above anonymous post is mine (carol)...apparently if i post from work i am not real. hmmm...this might come in handy.


i vote for ed to be the first dog kicked off the show.
(altho he was pretty darn cute today)


"vote to eliminate a dog"??????? No Way! That sounds too Dr. Kevorkian!! But maybe we could vote for the dog "most likely to get adopted" or "Saints Idol"?

Copper would like a swimsuit competition - he will wear his bright yellow daisy.