Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Aug. 30, 2006

Both Saul and Phil did well with their surgeries. Saul had a hip/spinal xray and I will find out the results of those when I pick him up. He also had a biopsy done, one of those double dew claws looks maligant so we will have to wait for those reults. Phil is coming home with some more antibiotics for his crappy skin but other than that looks good. Both of them were really good and easy to work with. I am a bit worried about bringing home those two huge, cumbersome and not altogether great on their feet beasts while they are still dopey from their sedations. This ought to be fun.

The ferrier was here this morning to trim up the horses feet, Steve said Gideon was full of beans, prancing around and avoiding them like the plague, big change from the sweet old and cooperative plug who found his way to our gates.

Howard and Gayle came to install some rain barrels for us to help with the water shortage, they are really nice people and they took Copper with them for a run to the hardware store, he loves that kind of thing and isn't the least bit shy in going off woith strangers. Howard promised not to drop him out the window on the highway, so that is nice of them too!

A nice family came from the island to look for a new, old dog...Mom kinda fell for Ozzie, but Nicole can breathe a sigh of relief because Ozzie is still here.

Phoebe, the red whirling wonder is being returned today, apparently she has been biting her family, they knew she had major issues when they adopted her, but i think they thought they might go away...Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe...what are we going to do with you????? I am not sure i can handle you AND Ed...someone might have to go onto tranquilizers, maybe it should be me!!!

There is a senior cocker spaniel named Poppy, on our wait list and the family are getting desperate, so if anyone knows of a home for him, please ask them to give me a call. His elderly caregivers can no longer care for him. I think he might have some issues, but frankly today i am too tired to remember for sure.

Well, the house is done, the rabbits are done, the yards are scooped and i am heading on out to the barn before it is time to go get the boys and meet up with Phoebe. I am sure tonight will be a riot.



Sweet Dreams Saul and Phil. I hope you heal up quickly!! I'm so happy that Phil was able to get neutered Carol, things are looking up for him!

P.S. Phil let Carol get some sleep tonight, find your own bed!!!!!