Rescue Journal

Phoebe is home

Alison  ·  Aug. 30, 2006

Gosh I forgot how sweet she is when she is being good..."there was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. and when she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad she was horrid!" As soon as we hit Mission, she knew she was close to home. She was so frantic that Mo was sure she had to pee so we stopped and let her out. She didn't have to pee, I think she just knew where she was and I can't quite figure that one out. She shared our timmy's sandwiches, and had a whole 10 pack of timbits to herself (except I stole one). I decided to try her out with the little dogs and cats, altho, Phebers just slips out any door I go thru anyway. I think she will end up, wherever, whenever she wants as long as it isn't with Ed. Anyway, so far, so good, she is sleeping behind me on the computer chair. I am glad she is back, I forgot how much I once loved I remember why. Welcome home Phoebe, you can be the red whirling wonder if you have to, and if you don't, that is ok too.



good night..she complained for the first hour because she couldn't come to bed with me (phoebe has comfy spot guarding issues when she is wrapped up in her blanket and freaks out if anyone dares move or comes near her. my bed has a fair amount of nocturnal activity with cats popping in for a cat nap and pippa,peter and jack moving around. i wrapped her up in her blanket on the couch, which is better for all concerned. I left the outside catrun door wide open so it would be cold to force her under her blanket, and turned up the fireplace full for the chi' worked...we all slept well. she has been up once to give me a kiss and say hello and since it is still chilly in here, she has gone back to her warm, phoebe- in-a-blanket bed.


So glad she's home, and that the trip was uneventful. If I'd known you were having Timbits, I would have come along for the ride.....but then Phoebe would have had to bite, fight me...for them.

I hope Miss Phoebe sleeps well tonight and so do you.


Having met Phoebe while we were living with Lexi - I always thought Lexi was alot worse. Phoebe was much more of a social gal (at the time). Which reminds me that Lexi (the gal who had made a career out of keeping people at bay) has now progressed to attending church with Jo (her new mom). She actually lay down through a whole sermon, with a crowd around that sang and clapped their hands. I believe that Phoebe can still get to where Lexi is.


Actually.. Phoebe only ate 6.... you had 1 & I threw 3 to the back of the van hoping she'd follow them back there & occupy herself while we scarfed down our sandwiches... who knew she would sit so pretty between the seats waiting for some of our food to come her way ... What a doll.

The timbits hanging out in the back will be a surprise treat for the next dog that is back there : - )