Rescue Journal

200km later

Nicole  ·  Sep. 2, 2006

A photo montage of an action packed day:

Our booth at the Haney Farmer's Market(behind the table is Copper being a very good little beagle):

Midmorning I left to drive to Saints to pick up Ozzie and bring her over to Kendall's to go for a swim. I was expecting her to be tired and not be able to swimm too much, but she did great. You can see a short clip of her swimming here.

After swimming, I brought Ozzie back to saints and then headed back over to the market. After having more success eating popcorn, poptarts and mango juice than spreading the good word about SAINTS. I drove back to Saints and picked up Ozzie for another sleepover. I popped into the cat room to say hi to Honey and then thought up the brilliant idea of bringing both Ozzie and Honey home. Carol arrived with some new buys from a garage sale. After setting up a tunnel and a tent for the dogs, I got Honey into the car and then Ozzie. Both were great on the ride home.

Honey completely surprised me. Usually she is quite timid and slow moving over ground, especially if it changes texture (grass to concrete). We got out of the car and she walked up the cement driveway, along a gravel pathway, back onto cement, then onto dirt and then into long grass. She barely slowed down the whole way. Then later on she amazed me more. We had set up a ramp for Ozzie to go up and down outside on and Honey walked down it as if it wasn't a big deal. I still had to guide her, but I was very excited. No one else got why i was excited but i think it was big for her.

They both lay outside on the grass for a while:ozzie and her bee


Then we ate some pizza and chips (I actually got to eat some):

And finally some resting:




Camping trip in the lower meadow - better take LOTS of bug spray. And add to the to-do list: build fire pit at least one foot deep and three feet wide - then we can get a permit for a campfire. What's a camping trip without a campfire?
Gotta have hotdogs (or veggiedogs) and marshmallows and all that good camping stuff too!
I have a tent that sleeps two or three - or one Saul.


she can take potato-ed and feed him potato chips and all will be well in his little world (just hide the cats!)
honey must be happy to be free of little smelly miss mellie for the night...mellie LOVES honey (way too much love, if you ask honey and me). sigh...the little fuzzy hamster goes in for her chest xray, spay, dental, and hopefully partial mammory gland removal on tuesday (if there are no lung mets)...honey will be glad to see her go for a few days then too but i bet mellie would rather pass...
i think it is so great that some of these guys get to have sleepovers. i want to plan an over night camping trip down in the back field before the end of the month too...nicole has a tent to sleep ten....i think some of the dogs would like camping alot...who says homeless dogs can't have some fun?


Great pictures, Nicole - sounds like Ozzie and Honey are two very happy dogs tonight. took Ozzie home the first time, then Ozzie and Honey, ....can you take four home next time, eight the time after????
Let's see....Copper, Potato Ed, Phoebe, and Saul - that should make for a fun evening!


Honey absolutely stole my heart when I visited Saints. Thank you for posting pictures of the sweetie!

Looks like a fun day out in the beautiful weather!! I love the graphic work on your signs too, really brings it together and hopefully draws people in. Very warm and inviting.