Rescue Journal

A Good Day At K9H20

 ·  Sep. 2, 2006

We took 3 of the boys swimming this morning: Luke, Oliver and Chase. We have started Chase on therapeutic swimming for his front leg. K9H20 is fantastic – I knew that before with Oliver and Luke. I know it even more with Chase. Our big galute of a dog who gets “excited†so easily (dog behavior word meaning adrelin shoots up very quickly when he is happy, mad – basically when his emotions are engaged – when not handled correctly, you can have a biting dog on your hands). Instead of forcing Chase down the ramp as many “doggy†people would do, Kendal and Don where very patient and kind with Chase in getting him down so it was a good experience for him.
I have never seen Chase look more beautiful nor happier. He was in his element. The lab in him got to retriev and, as a bonus, he got to chew squiggy toys to his hearts content (good exercise for a mouthy dog). Kendal thinks we can teach Chase to become a life guard dog. He already knows how to tread water. We got great pics of Chase in the water swimming which will go on petfinder page. It was so wonderful to see Chase have this good experience and react in a positive way. He’s going to take a flying leap into the water next I’m sure.
I saw my boy soar today. It made me cry. It makes me cry now when I think about it because I think I saw the real Chase for the first time today. I am ever so grateful to Kendal for what she does.



We missed Ozzie cause she swam at 11:00. But she's swimmng at 12:00 on Sat from now on so we're going to book the 3 boys to swim just before she does.

I'll ask Kendal about Saul. I have to book appt. for these guys anyways. Colleen will have to fill out a reference for Saul. Is myelopathy the degenerative disease that is equivalent to human MS?


yay chase! he is such a lovely dog, he needs lot's of really good days...did you see oz there? nicole said she did really well today and didn't get as tired as usual..i gave her pain meds this morning, in anticipation instead of afterwards like i have been doing. and i talked to the vet about swimming saul and she said he is too big for the traditional treatment of exercise balls (he has degenerative spinal myelopathy) so to ask kendall if the K9H2O program would be good for him too..... can you ask her please leila? colleen said it is fine with her if kendall thinks it might help.