Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Sep. 3, 2006

I walked in lower meadows

in the golden evening glow.

The dogs ran and wandered

some fast and others slow.

The air turned slightly rosy

the warming breeze turned cool,

the peaceful silence stretching

from shadows wet with dew.

I loooked up high

and saw the trees

against the gloaming sky,

the wind beneath their branches,

mirrored my souls most deepest sigh.

these dogs who wander in the eve,

their lives most nearly spent,

truly are the greatest gift

that life has ever sent.



That is absolutley beautiful...... I see this poem as a poster with a picture of you out in the fields , over by the pond, with the crew . Nicole... for Christmas cards.. would this not be great !!!


That says it all.
Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. You've captured the true spirit of Saints.


Beautiful words Carol. Makes it so easy to picrure you and the dogs enjoying your evening in the field.