Rescue Journal

Deb and Chris lost their beloved Chunk today

Alison  ·  Sep. 6, 2006

Truly great people who give their dogs the world. May the little chunky monkey smile down on you both and fill your hearts with light.



Wee little Chunky will forever be in your hearts, as all your other children have been and will continue on to do so. They are of you, with you... they are your Love.


Saying Good-bye is always difficult but even more so when you have to make that difficult choice. Sometimes being an adult truly sucks. Just goes to show you though how much you loved Chunky Monkey, enough to let her go peacefully. Take Care!!!!


So very sorry to hear of this loss, her pictures on Brindle are beautiful. Hugs to both of you & any others that loved the Chunk, may she run free & with her pals who have crossed before her.


When I met her, Chunky's name was "Twinkie", from her registered name "Twinkles's Little Star". I could not share my heart and home with anything named "twinkie", unless it was edible. She was a Chunk. Chunk-a-Munk, Chunky Monkey, Chunka-Chunka-Burnin'-Shih-Tzu.

She was passionate about life, and the most important parts of it: food, service (to her, we were routinely called upon to "service the Shih Tzu", for which we were paid in "happy Shih Tzu noises" the world's greatest currency) and comfort(again, her comfort, she was, after all, a Shiht Head, and they are all about narcissm).

We are heart broken. We have lost a presence, a character, a dearly loved friend. Her paws will never be filled by another.


With a name like Chunk-monkey, you must have been one very loved little soul. Sorry for your great loss Deb & Chris.


Oh no! Deb and Chris, I am so very sorry to hear this. ((((hugs))))) to both of you. Run free, Chunky-monkey; you've left your mommas with many wonderful memories of you and two broken hearts. May the memories help soothe the broken hearts.