Rescue Journal

Death by Poop

Alison  ·  Sep. 7, 2006

I personally like death by chocolate better but we don't always get what we want. It was late when I finally got my butt out to the barn to clean it before feeding and putting the barn guys to bed. Therefore, it was already getting dark by the time I took the dogs for their run. I didn't want to risk the bottom meadow cuz it is even darker down there and I might accidently lose someone (altho at this point that might be a good thing). So...I decided to stay in the upper field and scoop the horse poop while I was up there. It is surprizing how easy it is to see big piles of horse poop in the dark, I turned it into a sort of a game, trying to differentiate between the piles I was seeking and clumps of weeds (which believe it or not, look alot alike from a distance in the dark.) The darker it got, the more times i guessed wrong and I was starting to lose the extra points I had accumulated. The dogs were no help because they will roll in just about anything, so following them around didn't increase my score at all. Anyway, it finally got so dark that I couldn't even see the dogs anymore, and while I might be sort of nutty, I am not all that stupid, so I decided it was time to call it quits. Not only could I no longer see the piles of poop I was after, nor could I see the dogs, I also could not see that the field is not as flat as it looks in the dark. It is full of tiny little hills and valleys and I fell head first into one of them. At first I thought I was dead until a bunch of the dogs landed on top of me, and then I thought that maybe I was just hurt, but i wasn't cuz as I fell, i knocked over the wheelbarrow and landed in a barrow full of soft poop.

I should probably think of better ways to entertain myself, but the dogs seemed to have fun, they thought I had finally learned the joy of rolling in poop. good thing the well is full, i really needed a shower tonight.



Oh the visuals! Poor Carol, I should be thinking, oh man, how awful, but God it's funny.


Better to land in a mound of Poop than to sprain an ankle or break a wrist, besides it's organic!!!!!!


"...finally learned the joy of rolling in poop.." - Oh Carol, I knew if you hung around all those dogs long enough you'd begin acting like them! Next you'll be woodeling and wearing a daisy collar!
Thanks for the good laugh - you made my evening!


ok i know i shouldn't laugh.. landing in poop is well pretty gross.. hee! i just can't help it! you really need more help my friend!