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Once again, could someone please shoot me???

Alison  ·  Sep. 7, 2006

I accidently ended up with another dog today. I thought I was so freaking smart and had completely dodged another bullet but it was just wishful thinking. I had a call yesterday from a senior lady with a senior dog that she wanted us to take. The long and short of it was the dog was a little bit deaf, a little bit blind, and little bit stiff and she was sure he was suffering. Being a senior on a fixed income, she couldn't afford vet care so she thought rather than put him down, he should come to us. Well, I had a better idea, she could keep him in the home he knew and loved and we would get him assessed and any treatment he needed thru our vet, the bill would be covered by us. She was grateful, and I made the appointment for today. She did not know her way around Mission so I agreed to get off work early and meet her somewhere easy and lead her to the clinic. Once in the clinic, she shared her own health issues and asked me to just take him home with me. I suggested she wait to see what the vet said, and take him home and think about it but she was afraid that would be even harder because she would just get more attached to him. He has lived with her for fourteen years so that particular logic did escape me. Anyway, between her tears and his white and grizzled face, I caved. I left the poor little bugger, alone and afraid at the vets. tomorrow they will do some bloodwork, do a dental and a neuter. I guided his distraught and grieving lady out of Mission, across the bridge and set her on the right road to home. She can't remember how old he actually is, 14, 16 or 18 so we will guess somewhere in the middle and pick 16 for his approximate age. She thinks he is a chihuahau/spitz cross, he looks like a bigger pom to me. His name is Murphy ( of which he is our third) so now he is Murphy number three. and I am quite serious that I need to be shot because we are too overfull for another and poor little Poppy is still holding out waiting for a space to get in.



that one was tough, i know and i thank you for doing it...i should have sent you to go see ed too. he may not have totally lost his mind, but he is helping me to lose mine.


We did take the phone number off the petfinder page but it remained on the website that the nice lady in Florida did for you.

The demented little dog in the garage was an awful experience. After I left, all I could think was I never want to have to do that again.


would you mind not ratting me out til at least she figures it out for herself...THEN you can say..."oh yeah, by the way chris...." AND if you had actually changed the phone number, it never would have been an issue...what i don't know i can't fuss about, i did let you say no to that unhappy little twisted thing in the garage, i wanted you to say yes to him and it just about killed me to admit that you were right and not roll over top of you, i was good that time! guys need to go back to the volunteer meetings that you actually forget to invite me to and there you can plan your strategies...anyway...i admit it finally and completely...don't let me near the important paper pushing stuff and don't let me near the phone...either way, i will sink because i couldn't care in the least and the other cuz i care way too much.


LOL - Chris, good luck on doing this for Carol. I tried doing this for Carol for a very brief time. We were supposed to get all calls and emails going through me because Carol didn't know how to say no. We were supposed to take her phone number off the website. I did manage to screen a few inquiries and Carol would pass on some of the calls/emails she still got through vet clinics. What happened do you ask? Well Carol started picking and choosing the ones she wanted to handle. When she wanted to say "no", she would pass them on to me. If the answer was something else, Carol dealt with it on her own. So Carol will do what Carol will do. I just quietly gave up because Carol will do what Carol will do. So I happily deal with the ones that Carol needs me to say no on and allow her to do what she wants.

I couldn't just let this one go quietly Carol. I just had to let Chris know she may have a fight on her hands or maybe Chris, you have a much more forceful personality than I do.

Chris Thomas

We will figure out the logistics as we get closer.What would be ideal is if the current SAINTS number could be transferred to our house (even on a separate line with its own voice mail) and then you get a new number and don't give it out!!!


you are on!!!!!! thx chris, that would be so very great. i dread checking the messages every night. all you have to do is tell everyone no. put a big poster right next to the phone...NO, NO, NO...i made up the poster once but i lost it.

Chris Thomas

I would be game. We could have a separate number at our house and I could screen the calls...once we move. Can you hang on until then? It actually would not even have to cost anything as we can just get a different number that rings differently on the line.


i think we should change the saints phone number to someone else...who's game? is not just little old dogs, is little old anythings that sucker me in...i did just this minute, turn away a 13 year old, 120 pound rotti tho, except we will courtesy post him on our site...anyone know of a home for him? he sounds like a sweetie pie....his name is "brew"


Carol! what are we to do with you my friend? Admit it! you are addicted to little old dogs. :)


Arrgghhhhh!!! If I wasn't so philospically opposed to violence and to guns, I'd shoot you myself!!!