Rescue Journal

I told Jean she could write this one...

Alison  ·  Sep. 11, 2006

but I changed my mind because she didn't think it was as funny as I did. We decided to take the dogs for a run and Jean got Copper all decked out in his daisy so he could join us. Phoebe wanted a daisy too so she tried to rip off Coppers which was fine with Copper but not with Jean. So we started our walk with the daisy on the rightful owner and the second we were out the gate Phoebe yanked it off Coppers head. I started laughing, Jean ran to save the daisy and then tried to catch the wayward beagle who was well on his way. Phoebe decided the daisy fun was over and jumped into the previous pond which is now a mud puddle and Jean did manage to catch Copper but she told him a lie. We finished our walk with a beagle on a leash, a slighly tooth worn daisy in hand and a red whirling wonder covered in mud. I thought it was a good walk.



lol...ok, you win...phoebe can stay home when copper is dressed up in his daisy...altho he appreciated her ripping it off, it didn't upset him in the least.


I think I'll make Phoebe her very own daisy - one that fits very snug around her mouth. And I'll decorate it with squeeky balls and then put her in a room with Potato Ed.


well she sure likes the daisy's that you make esp when you stick them on another dog...interactive tug toys.


Julie, the only way Copper is coming home with me is if HE gets laryngitis and if he promises not to piss in the house. I actually wouldn't mind bringing him home but for the spraying in my rental home.


The only way Phebers MIGHT grow on me is if she gets laryngitis and loses all her teeth. Hmmmph....I'm still sulking!
Gotta admit she's awfully pretty though - and would make a great pet for someone who wants a perpetual tornado in their house. And she does give nice kisses.


Phlebarella can be a very good girl.. you just have to get her to focus to listen to you. And yes that does involve her shutting up long enough to look at you. You should just take Copper home with you Jean, he thinks he's yours anyway!


i am still chuckling...that was fun...phebers kinda grows on you, it just takes awhile.


We may have four opposable thumbs but they have 8 paws and a lot of teeth - and they MOVE faster than we do!

I am so pissed with that barking, whirling, nipping red dog that Carol is so attached to. And I didn't lie to Copper - I told him we were going to the park, I just didn't tell him it wouldn't be until Wednesday!

I should have just gone home and left Carol to search for Copper, who would have escaped for sure if I hadn't mentioned the park.

Someone please adopt the red whirling dervish before I strangle her!

Chris Thomas

Carol - just remember that between you and Jean you have 4 opposable thumbs!!! You should not be outsmarted by a beagle and whirling dervish (Phoebe)!