Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Sep. 12, 2006

Just a quick update the new ones here and the ones waiting to come...

Brew, that lovely, 13 yr old rotti, who was rescued by the landlord when the tenant abandoned him...was taken to the vet for a check on a sore leg. He has cancer of the bone, the landlord feels responsible for this dog and has bonded with him. He left a message that he would stay with Brew and hold him while the vet helps him to pass. We wish Brew a gentle and peaceful passing from this life, and to send our respect to the man who stood up and helped him.

Poppy the senior cocker spaniel who is living in the bathroom due to serious illness of his senior caregivers is still waiting to get in. The family have been in touch weekly over the past few weeks and have remained unsuccessful at finding any other options for him. He will come here as soon as there is space available.

I lost track of the 28 year old pony "Thumper", who was supposed to come here in late June, his owners have not answered my emails, I hope he is ok and happy. Nala from CAS that Yvonne asked us to take, I think finally died in foster care which I think is better for her than finishing her life here. Kathy ended up deciding to keep the little cat that she was bringing from LAPS (and I do believe her mom may be adopting Mellie who Kathy is fostering as well!)

Murphy is doing ok, he is integrated with the dogs and cats that live in the kitchen, bedroom, and cat room areas. He is still not happy, but he is wagging his tail with me and beginning to bond...I really would like to find him a quiet home soon.

Suzie is still in the bathroom, she is eating and drinking and purring up a storm. I tried to open the door yesterday, in hopes that she would venture out, but as long as the door was open, she just hid between the sink and the tub. I have closed the door again, and she is happier. I think she might be in there for a long time so she is another one that we really need to find a home for as quickly as we can.

Saul and Phil our first of the last new ones, are both doing well separately. They still do not like each other so it is a bit of a juggle to move them around from point A to point B without coming into contact. They are both great with everyone else.

And just a note on Phoebe and Ed, our problem ones....Ed is so cute and I think he is much, much better than he was, while he is still reactive, he is a little less serious in his reactions. Phoebe made me mad twice last night for scaring both Pippa and Cedric, I think she is trying really hard not to be such a cow. It is hard for her, it is difficult to learn to be nice when you aren't, but I think she is just might take awhile to get there.



Tell Pippa I will give Phoebe a little lecture when I come to see her - I can't wait to meet Pippa - I'm going to pack my suitcase tomorrow. Looked at many more pictures on your site - what a beautiful place - You are a SAINT yourself Carol and your volunteers, Diane from Saskatchewan


i just put their bios up on petfinder today...nicole will add the pics and then copy them over to the saints site...sorry, i am a procrastinator!( the new pics that nicole posted are in the photo gallery under August Photos)

re poppy...honestly, i can't remember...i just remember that he is old and shut in the bathroom...i have asked the family to send me the specifics again...originally when they contacted me several months ago, i said we would take him, then i heard nothing for months and thought they had found a solution. apparently they had another rescue helping them but it didn't work out so they came back looking for us. we were full and i told them they had to wait til we had a space. while i remembered the dog's name and being in the bathroom...i have forgotten everything else about him because not only am i a procrastinator, i have a slightly defective memory too!

BUT.... the good news second favorite saying is...
"it is easy to have a clear conscience if your memory is fuzzy" so i am quite cheerfully working on the fuzzy memory part so i can finally have a clear conscience!


I don't see anyone new... Phillip, Murphy, Suzy... is it my computer ??

Carol - what are the deatils on Poppy again.. age health etc etc , I've forgotten.


Whoo Hoo I kept looking .... I've got a " possible " for suzy... hope hope