Rescue Journal

There are days when I truly do not like dogs

Alison  ·  Sep. 15, 2006

Mostly they are few and far between, but today is one of them. It is not just that i am sporting 2 bandaids within an hour of up and close personal contact with a couple of them either. It is their noise level today. I just want them to shut up and go lay down, which they finally have done but it took 4 hours for them to figure it out. And four hours of them driving me nutz has driven me nutz.The problem is, dogs like excitement, and I don't. And they suck at handling excitement anyway, it just winds them all up and sure as poop, someone is going to over react to something. Old not dead, old, not dead...I keep telling myself that today, except, deep down the dead part sounds decidedly more peaceful. My friend is coming over to pick up the money for the rabbits so they are all going to get wound up again soon because i am sure they will find that exciting and I won't. Today is one of those days when I just wished we only rescued sheep. Sheep are such lovely and peaceful creatures. Even when they are excited, they are relatively non disruptive. The worst i get at feeding time is some baaaa'ing and Kissy knocking on the feed room door with her foot to hurry me up. Occasionally one of them will accidently set on my foot or run into me too fast. Once in a blue moon they get irritated with each other and then have a non-lethal butting contest with both parties wrapped in a hundred pounds of soft wool. They don't bite. they don't fight, they don't pee or poop in the house, they don't rip the guts out of stuffies, or argue over squeaky toys either. They don't bark and rarely jump, and they don't drool on me when I am eating my dinner. Sheep are way more civilized than dogs and for me, today, they make a nicer companion animal to be around.



LOL - Yup, Isaac is sure there is a trap door in my bathroom. He has to head-butt his way in every chance he gets just to check I haven't escaped.

At least dog poop is a little easier to scoop up than sheep poop. But I do prefer their quiet ways to the very very noisy cacophony of sounds certain dogs (especially a red whirling dervish) feel obligated to make every time anyone comes through the gate - or in the case of Phoebe, any time she feels she's not getting the attention she thinks she deserves. That dog's bark is even more annoying than Copper's woodle.


Yea but did they let you go to the bathroom alone ? I doubt it.. they are sure there is a trap door in there & if they are not in supervising every move you make... you may just slip out that secret door .
I love the sheep too, you should have seen Annie in the spring bounding across the fields, all four feet moving in unison , leaping 3 or 4 feet high .. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

Chris Thomas

Dogs certainly have their ways. I was just sitting playing my computer game and eating my lunch.This was not acceptable to Miss Piper and Clio who decided that I should be sitting in my chair where they can be on me. Piper is continually bringing me toys to throw (which does not disturb my game play, after all I wrote my master's thesis playing tug with Tippy) and Clio is clawing at my legs. I have decided to give in. I told them I was going to the bathroom and then I will sit in my chair.