Rescue Journal

Wow...what a day

Alison  ·  Sep. 17, 2006

Most of it slid past in a fog but I know ALOT of really nice people were coming and going and I know Rocky got a great home of his own but Murphy didn't. I know I was dripping blood again today and I know I got alot of Phoebe kisses and Jazzerise hugs. I know we got alot of work done pretty quickly today and I know Beverly and her absolutely beautiful little niece brought great gifts for the animals and flowers for me ((Peter is wrapped up in a brand new fleece because he is cold.) I know our little daisy beagle got a run in the field and I was laughing at his happy search for a daisy sized way out. I know I was freezing cold too and intentionally drained the last foot of water in the well so I could have a hot (but very shallow) bath. I know Ed got a walk with Melissa and cuddles with Jean, and I saw his happy face as he revelled in both. .And I know I am starving and am waiting for Jean, and Eva, and Courtney to get here so we can go to Rocko's diner where I am having a huge evening breakfast. They can eat something different if they want. I know I have to still go and feed the barn, before we go out and I will as soon as my hair dries a bit. And I know it was a great day even if it was kind of foggy



Happy Trails Rocky!!! Sounds like lots got done but why were you dripping blood dare I ask?????? I think it's really neat the way you've enabled Copper to go for a run without ruining it for himself. I would love to see the plump little daisy run through the fields!!!!


It was a very busy day for you my friend! and yet again you didn't have to cook supper! pretty darn clever. I'm happy that the little Rock star found a home.. now only what 30 more to go!