Rescue Journal

it takes....

Alison  ·  Sep. 18, 2006

exactly 4 and a half hours and 67 dollars to haul, wash, dry and fold 19 stinky loads of laundry at a sucked and i still have to unload the van...more rain please.



Given how tired Carol was when I left this evening, the image of her dancing in the rain with the soap and a washcloth made me burst out laughing!!

Mo, the rainbarrels can also be fitted with a hose on either of the two faucets, I believe. That might make it even easier to fill. I can fabricate two or three short hoses - maybe 5 feet? - from some old stuff I have around here.


Aren't well problems a blast? Same here, the showers were getting few and far between. We ended up redoing the spring that feeds our well. Helped a bit but with 2 houses running off a relatively small well and no help from the neighbors the well here has become the bane of our existance! We are persevering though. It's raining like hell now here in Mission and I hope you're dancing and singing in the rain (with soap and a washcloth). :)


And the trick to filling the horses water buckets, is to balance the bucket on the salt block. That way you can walk away & still do something else... it takes a while to fill up & just standing there holding the bucket... well it's hard to do when you have other stuff to do .

You cracked me up with the 2 showers a day to catch up.. :- )


Maybe we can paint the gawd ugly tank purple Carol, and stencil something on it or hide it with purple lattice work.
My 1100 gal tank that was installed about two weeks ago still has over 500 gals in it. Of course, I'm not doing 19 loads of stinky laundry. But it beats watching the water drain into the ground from the well, and even with the rain the last couple of days my well is still dry.
Don't forget you can water the animals with the rainbarrel water - it's amazing how quickly those fill up. That might even save you enough water for a bath a day during the fall!

Carol just goes back into the ground anyway, the last lot lasted 5 fills up a bit overnight,(the well is underground stream fed) enough to fill the water buckets and wash the floors, when that runs dry, i turn off the pump and wait til the next day to get a bit more. it is a pain in the butt, but so far it is working (except for laundry and baths)...i will have to get one of those gawd ugly water tanks that jean keeps raving about, but i will save the money til early summer next year since we are almost finished with the dry weather. over the winter i am having 2 baths a day to catch up!!!