Rescue Journal

More vet stuff and updates

Alison  ·  Sep. 19, 2006

Bill is going in tonight for his surgery is too hard to fast them overnight here, so he is taking a foamy bed and one of Beverly's brand new soft fleeces with him and spending the night. Also poor little Peter is just pooping out, he doesn't bark at me to be picked up, he doesn't follow me around, he does not even cough anymore, he is just too weak, and all he does is eat, sleep and wheeze. He is going to come in with Bill and me and the vet will have a listen to his even crappier than last week heart and tell us what she thinks...maybe a different cardiac med might perk him up????

Looks like Ozzie and Honey are going for a weeks trial to Nicole's, and Buddy and Sissy are going to be fostered by Melissa, Pippa's potential new Mom is on her way, and I got a great call on Ed today too so maybe all those guys will finally get their dreams come true. I have all of my fingers crossed for all of them.

Eva caught the female rabbit set loose in the school yard, we are still after the male. Little Poppy the bathroom dog arrives tonight, hope he fits in ok and I really hope he isn't broken.

And if and when Ed gets a home, Jazz is getting the permanent boot out of the kitchen....she is too much of an oaf to have underfoot where there is a constant supply of human food, she doesn't think twice about knocking you over to get you to share.



I love Buddy and Sissy so much, I sure hope it works out for us.

If I didn't have my cats I would scoop up Ed in an instant, that dog just touched me so much, I hope his new home is perfect for him, though it will sadden me to have to say goodbye, he deserves a loving devoted home, with all the attention and cuddles his sweet little soul wants!


Good luck to Bill and Peter.
It's so great to hear that some of the dogs are getting homes! All fingers and paws are crossed here for Ed to get his very own home -- though I will miss the little bugger. He does provide comic relief - but then, so do all the critters!