Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Sep. 20, 2006

Is having a slow recovery from the anaesthetic so he can't come home tonight. I will bring him home tomorrow on my lunch break. The tooth was not abcessed, it was encased in a tumour. The biopsy results should be in by friday, but the vet feels that it is malignant and she was not able to get it all. I wished we had left it alone now. Arrrrgh why can't we know these things for sure before we start. If it is cancerous, it probably already extends up into the bone and nasal cavity, ( we can see the bony mass on his cheek already, so it isn't rocket science that Bill is in trouble) I am not letting anyone start cutting bone out of him, he is simply too old, so worst case scenario is Bill will become palliative. Maybe I am worrying over nothing and the biopsy will be benign, I have been worrying alot lately.



I have everything crossed here for him too. I know its really hard not to worry, but he's a champion, that Bill. :-)
Sending hugs.


Poor Bill, Poor Carol!! What a yucky day. I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for good news. Can I bring him a cheeseburger on Saturday?


Poor Bill. The old guy is the face of SAINTS - I hope he recovers well and that we get good news re the biopsy. He'll be glad to get home.