Rescue Journal

Here is today's funny

Alison  ·  Sep. 24, 2006

Carl was hanging with the sheep up in the loafing shed. He wanted to go to the bottom field but he had to get the sheep to go with him because he doesn't let those guys out of his sight. So he chased them down the pasture towards the hill but the sheep screwed up his plan by turning left and circling back around the barn. Carl came up behind them to herd them down where he wanted to go when all of a sudden Gideon and Spritely sauntered up thru the lower gate and entered the upper field. The sheep said, "yahoo, we're staying with the horses" and ran across the field to follow them back up to the loafing shed (they like it in there best). Carl stood and watched his sheep go back the opposite way from the way he wanted them to go and let out this low pitched but very frustrated sounding Argggh! I think the llama said "shit!"

He really wanted to go down into the lower pasture.



OMG I just realized I spelt Tyra's name wrong throughout that whole post.... (insert embarrassed face here )


Another funny from yesterday....

Carol was in the house & I was out back preparing for our Beer Garden celebration... oops sorry Nicole.. our picnic. I thought some music would be nice so I went to the barn to get my Ghetto Blaster. Tira & Roxie joined me & took off towards the pond & I went into the barn got the blaster & brought it back to the yard & plugged it in. Figuring I better go get Tira ( Roxie had already returned ) off I go , calling for Tira loud & clear, Tira was nowhere to be found !! I had visions of her having a stroke or heart attack & lying the field somewhere.. I'm freaking out I mean this was only 3-5 minutes & poof she was gone.

Long story short... I locked her in the barn. Thanks alot Tira , next time a bark would be usefull ... Ha & how's that for a funny... wishing a dog had barked at SAINTS !!!


Carol you have such a way with words. Thanks for the belly laugh this morning! I'm really thankful that I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read the punchline!