Rescue Journal

I stopped by heartsonnoses yesterday

Alison  ·  Sep. 27, 2006

to drop off some dog food for the pigs treats. I haven't seen much of Janice or the pigs lately because I have been busy so it was nice to sit for a minute and share a brief dip in a shared pity party about both of our worries. While I was enjoying that, (cuz misery really does like company!) I watched Rose, (she is a 3/4 grown farm pig and the last time I saw her. she was a baby). I was stunned at the intelligence sparkling out of that pig's eyes. I never really noticed it with the pot bellies before because you would have to lay on the ground to look straight into their eyes, and their faces are darker and chubbier so their eyes aren't as open and visible, but when you are sitting, and Rose's pink face and huge eyes are eye level right with you (she is so big.), it is a whole new perspective. I knew the pigs were intelligent on an intellectual basis, but I never realized how just the fact that you are pretty much either looking down on their backs or staring at their waggly, little butts as they waddle away, changes the view as compared to when you actually look right into their eyes. Looking into the eyes of Rose was one of those life altering moments.



barney likes pumpkin scones. janice gave me one to try...i fed most of it to him before i tried some and then regretted letting him eat it all. they were good, but he really liked it too so take him some more.


Me too! Mo and Nicole, if we can coordinate it, I'd love to come along also.


Mo and i are hopefully going to get over there in the next couple of weeks as I have never been and really want to see it.


I saw Rosie about a month ago & Holy Cow .. er Pig, she is a big girl, but what a sweetie !! When she stepped on my foot... I sure new it.

I had a friend with me at the time , who is a rancher & he was really impressed with Hearts on Noses. Rosie snuggled up to him to get some scratches behind her ears & this man I swear also had a life altering moment... & he's 80 years old