Rescue Journal

In a perfect world....

Alison  ·  Oct. 3, 2006

I would not have just sent a nice couple of ladies away. They called and left a message to say they were coming when I had slipped into town to buy some hay. I hadn't checked the messages when I got home. I still have the rabbits and the barn to clean, i still have the meds to do and the barn guys to feed and put to bed early and I was hoping to catch an hour nap before I leave for work at 7 pm. Anyway, it is not a perfect world, and today it is far from it and I just could not do the tour and pretend that I am anything except overwhelmed with this day. I feel badly, and maybe they won't come back, SAINTS does not feel like a happy place today. We are in shadow, and I am sure they felt it, it is a heavy blanket upon us.

I hope they read the blog, so they know, this is just a bad day, tommorow will be better. Maybe they will want to come back when the clouds have shifted away. They are truly welcome here, it is just this day is too hard.



Even if they don't come back to SAINTS, Carol, once in awhile you are allowed/can/should make a choice based on your needs. Even if that choice means losing out on those women ever coming out to SAINTS. Today was a very tough day for you. If I didn't know it when I got there, I knew it when I saw you carry Peter's body out to Colleen's car.