Rescue Journal

The day is almost done...

Alison  ·  Oct. 5, 2006

i am meeting Eva for dinner, I am starving, and then off to bed.

a couple of other things today...firstly i gave gideon a carrot and he broke off a huge chunk of tooth...someone please tell me i don't have to do anything about it???

i just took the dogs for their last run and we had an impromtue "carol aware" contest. i let them all out into the field and then slipped back to the house to grab spritely's lasix injection...when i came out the door, who was sitting there waiting for me? tyra, of course, but bill came in second meeting me at the corner of the house, lexie came in third in the back yard heading for me, phoebe came in fourth and just about bowled me over, moses made it to fifth, but that is not his fault because he is kind of dazed and confused and tally and cole tied for last because they didn't even come looking, carol aware is no contest for fresh manure with those two. gee the only one who really surprised me was bill...what a good, good dog!

one funny for today...i ran down to the feed store just before closing to get some hen scratch...the young lady asked if i would like help loading it up and for once i said yes, thank you. i told her i was just too tired to haul it if i didn't have to and i used to be able to work harder before i got so old. she said, "that's how i feel too, but i am only twenty", i chuckled and said, "just wait til you get to be my age" and she very innocently said, "oh, i will be dead before then"...THAT made me laugh.



well that would be the tooth that i found! so i didn't break his did! hah.


Oh sheesh that reminds me - yesterday when I was waiting while the vet looked at Spritely, I looked in Gideon's red feed bucket and saw what looked like a big chunk of tooth - it sure didn't look like any of his feed, and it was all by its lonesome. I meant to reach in and check it out, but then the vet wanted the halter and I forgot all about it.
I doubt it's still there, but you might want to check it out in case he didn't swallow it with tonight's food.