Rescue Journal

When it rains it pours, but it is the wrong kind of rain.

Alison  ·  Oct. 5, 2006

Still no rain, still no water, still on watery rations and the laundry really stinks! Oh well, that is the least of our worries today. Right now we are having leg crises.

Saul's front leg has been sore for a week or so, the vet gave him some extra meds. The other day I noticed it was swelling around the joint, and today, there is a bony hard mass. He goes in next week for a full assessment, I am probably not going to like what the xrays show.

Last night I went to bring the barn guys in before i left for work and Spritely would not come. She just stood there, nickering and pawing the ground but she was not moving an inch. As i went up to her, I realized she couldn't come, her bad leg was swollen from hock to knee and she was holding it up in the air. I am pretty sure this was the same red demon I saw flying thru the field six hours earlier. I paged the vet, and I called Jean to come and stay and wait for the vet and then I went back out in the field to try to get her into the barn.

There is alot to be said for the heart of a horse who stands immobile from pain and yet the instant i put on her halter and asked her to come, she did her very best to follow. We took tiny, painful, mincing steps and the barn seemed very far away. I heard her moan softly when she had to place her foot gingerly on the ground, but still without a hesitation, she followed. We finally made it safely to her stall and I left her in the care of Jean.

However horrid her leg has gotten before, (and it has been massively swollen right up into the groin) never has she been unable to walk. The vet called me at work after he had seen her and is quite concerned. He can't tell if it is a flare up of the cellulitis or an injury because she is too swollen to even feel the joints. He left some more lasix and anti inflammatories and he will phone and see how she is this afternoon. This morning she was able to slowly hobble from her stall, out into the field with her friends and I doubt too much, she will be flying anywhere today.

Neither Saul nor Spritely can survive without all four of their legs, they are both much too massive to live with three. I am not too happy about what is happening with either of them, and I think they should both miraculously cure themselves and give me a freaking break!

And Jean...thank you for dropping everything and coming when once again we were in need. If we can get Mo to move out here, we will only be half the crises burden on you...oh Mo????



poor spritely, no rocketing around the fields for a while. hopefully this is fully treatable and she will be back to her normal speedy self.


the vet just came back out to see spritely...we did some bloodwork and he was able to have a better look...afterwards, she scared me.....she tried to go down in the middle of the gate to the back yard but i told her not too, and then she tried to lay down on the dirt path on the hill to the bottom pasture...i told her to wait and put her halter back on and made her come up into the riding ring where at least it is flat and safe...she is such a good horse. we must have really hurt her poking around and flexing her leg and joints. poor baby....i did find and pull a wad of thick purulent crud out of her pasturn (sp?) so i think most definately she is badly infected...the vet says we see what the bloodwork says.

he looked at petunia while he was here, he felt as badly as we did over her condition. she has been choking and regurgitating lately too...he thinks her teeth need doing...tunie needs a tune up!
since i have to book them yet to neuter carl, he said to keep working slowly away at her feet and he will look at them again when he comes out to do carl.


Mo, did you check out the one on Youngston Road? That's up the end of Sylvester - it's only a half acre I think, but has a barn etc. Small, old, inexpensive place.


I keep seraching the Mission MLS listings & if my 649 retirement plan would co-operate with me, I'd be in out there living on acreage in a heartbeat !!!

This does not sound good for Spritely, she has never been non-weight bearing since coming to SAINTS, please keep us posted on her & Saul .... so we can all worry along with you.