Rescue Journal

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone!

Alison  ·  Oct. 9, 2006

I never really understood the whole Canadian flexibility of having thanksgiving dinner on a sunday which is not thanksgiving day, vs, having it on the monday....the real thanksgiving day...monday (the real thanksgiving day) is when you apparently eat left overs without your extended families and are grateful. I think it is wierd. BUT i will say that this particular thanksgiving day was pretty productive. Petunia got most of her hooves trimmed and she can walk MUCH,MUCH better. (thank you janice!), the barn looks great, (thank you mo!) Cedar Grove Animal Hospital rescued a 17 yr old cat with an unreadable tattoo and sent her up here. Her name is Lola and she is LOVELY...she is already fully intergrated into the catroom, sitting up my lap purring up a storm and licking my face. (thank you cedar grove!) A super nice mother/daughter team visited us from North Van, today, they helped clean the bunnies, finished off Saul's Saul-Port. helped with the night time feeding/medical treatments out in the barn, and joined us on our evening walk. Phebers buggered off thru the fence but emma caught her when she came back (thank you guys!). i t was a long day, but a good day. Jean and I took a break and had peanut buster parfaits, I had dinner with my family yesterday on the not real thanksgiving day which is good cuz if I tried to eat a huge meal after today, I am sure it would kill me. So happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all had a really good day too.