Rescue Journal

Saul passed peacefully at 4:30 pm

Alison  ·  Oct. 10, 2006

The xrays showed extensive and invasive osteosarcoma. I had a really difficult time getting him out of the van and into the clinic due to pain in that leg and his back legs deficits. Once in the clinic, He couldn't walk at all with the slippery floors. That leg was ready to shatter at any minute and i just could not take the risk in trying to bring him home to arrange a passing from here. if he lost that leg in the middle of the night and was in distess, i wouldn't be able to get him into anywhere for help, alone. Rest in peace lovely old Saul, may you find warm sunny fields to wander thru with a special friend.


chris Thomas

It has been a time of huge loss for you Carol and all the SAINTS. Take care.


ohhh Saul. Run free through those meadows up there and by all means, if you feel like blocking the gates of Heaven, go for it !! They'll treasure you as much up there as you were down here. I can't imagine SAINTS without you.


saul's passing was like everything else in saul's life...done in his own sweet time. after the pre-med and his chocolate chip cookies, he laid there and patiently waited. the vet gave him the euthanol injection and saul went to sleep...he started snoring, 10 minutes later, he was still snoring. those big, comfortable, i am asleep kind of snores. i told him to let go and be free. he just kept snoring away cuz he never would let me rush him if he didn't feel like it. the vet finally gave him a second injection, and saul passed over.
there is something special about all of the animals, with saul it was his absolute stubborness that i loved best. he was the only one here that was more mule headed than me. that made him even more special.
thank you to everyone involeved in his original rescue from the prickle bushes and thru to his care and cuddles here. and thank you to everyone who was touched by the heart of this tractor sized dog and made him truly special in his last few weeks.


So sorry to hear about Saul's passing. In August I even contemplating making a trip to Saints to "meet him/possibly adopt". I fell for those Pyrenees eyes immediately when I saw his picture! I'm glad he had SAINTS, Carol and all the volunteers and visitors to give him love before his passing. RIP Saul :(


Carol, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Hugs to you and all the Saints. Run free Saul, the hugest gentlest lug-a-bug to ever capture my heart.


Janice, Saul was the huge furry white Great Pyrenees that you probably had to clamber over to get through the front gate or into the house. He wouldn't have gone with you on the walk, though I'm sure he would have enjoyed it had his body allowed him to do so.


Carol I am so sorry. Rest in Peace Saul, you were a gentle giant and will be missed


Run free, Saul. You were a good boy, a sweet boy, and very patient with the grumpy Michael these past few days. I'll even miss your heavy furry body blocking the gate when I try to enter the yard at SAINTS.

Judy B

Run to your hearts' content big boy, may you feel the soft breeze in your face as you run with your friends at the bridge. You are now pain free.
Hugs to you Carol.


Carol I'm so sorry. He was a lovely old man and very lucky to have found you. Rest easy big guy.