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My very scary moment

Mo  ·  Oct. 11, 2006

This post is not about the SAINTS animals, but one of my own, the experience left me drained & exhausted today .

Last night I was visiting a friend who I have dinner with at least once a week , my dogs love it there & I walk his dogs regularly with mine. I went to go to the bathroom & Levi, who is one of those dogs, that no matter how many times I go into that tiny room, follows me in because a) he thinks there is a trap door & I'm going to leave without him or b) he knows that this is a great time to get some good loving while Mom is seated & has nothing else to do with her hands , other than pet & scratch him behind his ears or rub his belly. Last night was different.. it took a moment for me to realize he had his head behind the toilet & was sniffing or eating something, when I pulled him back and looked, what I saw made my stomach sink. There was a small saucer and on it, were 7 or 8 pellets that I recognized as rat poison . To make a long story short.. I really had no idea if he ate what was there..or was just sniffing the left overs. I called Carol & she told me what I already knew ( i think I just needed to tell someone ) he had to go in. Poor little Levi was so happy to go into the clinic & see the people .. until we headed for the exam room..the brakes went on , & I had to carry him in. We induced vomiting & after 10 minutes or so , I headed home.

I could not sleep all night & cried several times , simply out of fear of what may have happened. I was late for work this morning & left early because I needed to be with my furbabies. We went for a long walk on the dyke and both Levi & Roxie were the happy go lucky pair they always are, my tension finally left & was replaced with the overwhelming love I have for all of my gang. It was a scary moment in time & my friend has promised not to put out any more poison.

It made me think how often Carol must have very scary moments & I need to learn how to handle these moments better. Thanks for being there for me Carol.



Oh Gayle thanks for that, I imagine that would be Copper as well... once it's down, sorry folks I'm not giving it up.
Levi brought up everything in about a minute & even caught the vet off guard, he said it would take 10 minutes or so. I wouldn't let them take him to the back to treat without me, so we did it out front ( makes me wonder what the back looked like )anyhow even with newspaper spread out around us..he managed to hit the floor & me. I didn't mind all & left the rest for the vet clean up .

Gayle (& Howard)

Your story reminds me of our dear Bear the Beagle's multiple run-ins with rat poison. Being a Beagle, he had a special talent for finding crap to eat that was poisonous!

Howard and I got to the point where we always had a huge syringe and a container of activated charcoal on hand, because it was impossible to get that crazy dog to throw up. As the vet said to us after filling him to capacity with peroxide, the foam bubbling over his lips, "Beagles have a tendancy to never want to give up what they've swallowed!" He would rather have exploded than barf up his precious "food". LOL.

Fortunately he survived his rat poison experiences -- glad to hear that your pup did as well.


That is very scarey and one i have dealt with except it was with a dog who swallowed a peanut butter sandwhich laced with enough ivo to treat a pig but kill a dog. A bottle of peroxide and several crying volunteers standing by she threw up..but it was a nerve wrackign experince.

I am so glad all is well , rat poison is a terrible and cruel product.


Big hugs to you and your little man, he's a lovely boy and always has a waggle for me.
hugs to the rest of your children to.


Hey, I read that!! You are NOT leaving Phoebe with me.....if you go, she goes!

Mo, I'm so glad Levi is okay - how terribly scary. A good lesson to us all - view even a friend's place the same way you would if you were taking a crawling infant into it.


whew. glad he is ok....looking forward to seeing him and roxy wrestling in the bottom field this week end!
your guys have such a great mom...hug the box babes for me tonight, i wish i could come and live with them and you (i'll leave phoebe up here with jean)