Rescue Journal

ok..i am consumed by hatred...

Alison  ·  Oct. 11, 2006

ARGGGHHHH! freaking laundry!! I spent the morning yesterday at the laundry mat, getting the third degree on if i had horse blankets hiddden in all those bags (whose got time to launder horse blankets??? we are in basic, crises, necessity mode here) when i said no to horse blankets but foolishly said dog blankets instead, that apparently is close enough for this particular employee to question if dog blankets were in fact allowed. i finally convinced him it was ok...whew. anyway 18 loads later and not only is all the sanctuary laundry done but so is mine and i have clean clothes for a week. i left for work this morning feeling mightly fine with every single laundry basket empty, all the shelves full with clean bedding for the little buggers and I come home tonight to six more loads shoved right back in them and the shelves looking decidely depressing is that?...tomorrow will be another foray into the world of laundry mat blues so we don't get so far behind again. i have one more shift on saturday, and then monday, i am back to 5 days on, 2 off and the laundry will expotentially pile up like some kind of toxic demon. where is the rain....i will gladly forego any semblence to bathing if the freaking rain will come just so we can do the laundry at home and keep on top of it. I truly, completely and utterly hate laundry now...if we ever get rich, i am buying our very own laundry mat with a pick up truck and a slave to get it done! (and by the way, jack peed on my bed while i was at that bedding will make loads 7 and 8...thx jack!)



What we need is a fairy godperson (or a local supporter who isn't on a well!) who will regularly make all that dirty laundry disappear and come back clean!


You need a holliday! or perhaps sleep... hee! i know! put all the leaking children on the roof! then they wont pee on the beds or the floor!
yes! splendid idea!


my house does not leak, the new roofs are water tight, which is more than i can say for the ancient dwellers within..i just wish the well had the same endless fluid supply as some others i know.
oh, not a bad idea chris..i guess i could get one of those spy disguise kits with fake mustaches and horn rimmed glasses. then i can sulk around the local laundry mat scene incognito.

Chris Thomas

Maybe you need to find an assortment of laundromats you can go to so no one gets to know you!!


First Mo, now Petunia... are you perhaps getting fed up with your little leaky house?


jack does not want to wear a diaper....the deal was...i put in lino so they could pee on it if they had to and we could mop it up...that is fair, it is easy, and it would work if they could just wake up and move before they started to leak. petunia's blanket is still clean, and she has had it for more than a week!
(bet that guy freaks if i try to take a pig blanket into wash, altho right at this moment it is cleaner than my quilt, maybe she will let me move in with her.)


The shelves were empty cause i put all the laundry where it's supposed to go!
as to the rest.. well the children insisted on peeing on them. Jack was squeaking to go out but she must have peed before she woke up. ever thought of a diaper when she's in bed?
But at least you have clean clothes! yay! no going to work naked!