Rescue Journal

Story time

Alison  ·  Oct. 11, 2006

She drove to the local laundry, hauled in several garbage bags, filled the machines and left. She slipped into the back of the waiting van, flannel shirt and blue jeans blending in with the darkened interior. The sliding door slid shut with a final and decisive click. Several minutes later, the door slipped open, and out stepped a UCFV professor with her hair neatly combed, a pair of wire framed glasses and a fall pant suit in autumn colors that gave her that professional and well put together look. She reached back into the van and removed several large stuffed brief cases and strode confidently into the laundry mat and filled more machines before she once again retired to the safe confines of the van. This time when she emerged, she was bent with age and pain, a shawl was draped over her shoulders and her house dress was stained with last nights dinner. Her hair was frazzled and blown and she slowly and painfully pulled her wheeled overflowing shopping basket behind her. The man inside the laundry, rushed to hold open the door. She thanked him for his kindness and stuffed a few more machines before she left. She went back to the van and switched back into her flannel and jeans to move the first loads from the washers to the dryers. When she got inside, she forgot where she had started and accidently started removing the UCFV professor's laundry instead. She shoved it into her waiting garbage bags to take it home. When she got to the van the police were waiting and she was arrested for laundry theft and went to jail for many years. No one ever came back to pick up the remaining linen so the laundry mat sold it for a buck a piece in their abandoned laundry bin. The three mysterious women with alot of dirty laundry were never seen again.

the end



You know I think Saints would make the most wonderful base for children's stories and Carol in her sparetime(wink) could write them. The story of Copper running through the field with his daisy costume on, or Petunia putting the horses and the donkeys in their place as they try to steal the food. With Carol's word' and the right illustrations they would be priceless!!!


Now that was good !!!! I bet Carols kids had the best bed time stories ever ; - )


Sounds like a story for your lcoal paper , maybe some water woudl show up in the mean time!! Carol.. too funny


Yes, you definitely need some good quality sleep in a dry bed with clean blankies - and no laundry.

And I was hopeful the UCFV professor was me, 'cause that would mean MY laundry was done, too. I just checked. It's not.:(

We gotta practice that rain dance again - we obviously haven't got it right yet.


Oh dear! :) you need sleep! and a definate laundry free holliday!
hey! why not send it in to Reader's Digest! you could make enough to pay for the laundry bills!