Rescue Journal

They speak

Alison  ·  Oct. 13, 2006

0630 am

Carol: "everyone outside"

Tyra, Michael, Pippa: "ok, let's go"

Jack and Wilbur: "we are still sleeping"

Cedric: " no thx, i just pooped over there"

Murphy: "If you're not going out, I'm not going out"

Buddy and Sissy: "it is too cold to leave the fire yet"

Phoebe: "ok, I really gotta go but there is a urine lake blocking my way"

Carol: "jump over it"

Phoebe " I might fall"

Carol "you will not"

Phoebe: "put down a big towel"

Carol: "here, i'll put down some paper towels"

Phoebe " they are not strong enough"

Carol:"here is a #^%^&^%$#% big towel"

Phoebe: " thank you, now i can safely jump and could you hurry up and open the door please!"



ROFL - thanks for the great laugh!!!

And what did the barn animals have to say to your this morning??