Rescue Journal

Phoebe is just a flying disaster zone

Alison  ·  Oct. 15, 2006

I am not quite sure, and I am still waiting to hear, but she may have just lost an eye. She is currently at the vets and I am waiting for them to call once they have had a really good look. She has been in everyone face today, and over the top with her usual hyperactive mania and she got nailed by Stripe with her absolutely deadly aim. Nicole said..."oh oh...she's dripping fluid out of her eye"....grhh how can one 15 pound dog, and one twenty year old cat cause so much trouble in less than a millisecond???? anyway we applied a pressure dressing (pictures to follow) and took her in to the vet...and now we wait. I don't want to sound callous here, but a two eyed Phoebe is hard enough to find an adoptive home for...I can't even imagine trying to find a slightly damaged one eyed flying fiend a really good home. I told Stripe that she is paying the vet bill because none of our regular top quality vets ( who are very kind to us financially) are around today, so Phebes is hanging out at a solid gold, diamond club clinic that we cannot figures.



the problem with phoebe is i think i understand her too well. she can be so sweet, and so loving, and so adorable...when it suits her...and then she can be a total cow when she is in a bad mood (ask andy, jack or cedric how nasty she can be... yet she wouldn't dare pull the same crap with tyra or jazz)....honestly chris, she is like Paris Hilton without the money....she basically is a good hearted high flying prima donna with a really crappy, self important, self indulgent self serving attitude.
she is lucky i actually adore her. and if she was my only one? i think she'd be alot of fun to hang out with on some days, and a good friend on others and a few days, she'd just have to chill out and take some space til her mood brightened up a big deal, but here and now? too much stimulation, too much competition, too many others who are no match for her lightening quick mood changes. she is better than she was...when she first got back she was in trouble several times a it is down to a couple of times a week...who knows, maybe she will someday learn to take a deep breath and count to ten every single day.

Chris Thomas

Poor Phoebe. I think she is misunderstood just like Copper.

Seriously though we need a bio and I will post her on Brindle and see if we can generate some interest.


andy says she deserved a good poke in the eye for being mean to him today. he doesn't feel the least bit sorry for her...actually, come to think of it, no one here does except the humans...well, phoebe, what does that tell you hmmm?

oh and gideons bloodwork?...needs to be repeated, the lab was on emergency service only that weekend so the sample was too old. brent said he would pop by here, check his eye and grab a new sample.


Can you say "Tempest in a Teapot", "Whirling Dervish" "Devil Dog From Hell" ?? :o)


Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe, what ever will we do with you. She is an absolute sweetheart at times, she just has so much energy. I'm so glad to hear that it turned out O.K.

I forgot to ask you today about Gideon ? How's his blood test ? ... there was something else as well , but it escapes me.


That poor little mis udnerstood ranga tang ..good to hear she will recover whole.


she is home, with both her eyes...she is on drops and pain killers and oral antibiotics and needs a re-check on wednsday...oh and the vet bill was very reasonable so stripe is off the hook.


Oh good grief! Murphey's Law is having way too much fun at your expense.
Alright children! now listen up! You will behave! you will Stop fighting! you will stop causing disasters just because you can!
I love you all dearly but can you just behave for an hour please!!!!