Rescue Journal

who'd have thunk it?

Alison  ·  Oct. 15, 2006

.....cranky old Boo, plays. She is currently, (while I type) attacking my bathrobe (yes I did get a 3 inch bath tonight!!!) with her little de-clawed, super soft feet. She has missed twice tho and bitten me in the thigh by accident. I can't say she really cares, I go ouch! and she whacks at the bathrobe again. So not to get our hopes up too high, while she is apparently becoming playful, she is not yet becoming nice.

And speaking of cats, Karen and John came out to meet Suzie today. I told them to go home and think about it and i really hope they are thinking really good things for Suzie.

AND Phoebe with the cat induced sore eye, has gone to bed to recover from her trauma. Hopefully she will be able to see things a little more clearly (and politely) when she wakes up again.



Yes when I was there yesterday she was meowing at me and trying to get me to pet her too=) I think you guys are doing good by her

Please Carol, I need to know if Pheobes eye is ok or not!!!???